Why Do Background Checks?

Why do background checks
Potentially, a high number of Americans are being unnecessarily put at risk an average of 20.2 hours each day.


Violent crimes occur an average of once every 25.3 seconds in the United States¹.  During the work week the average American spends 8.6 hours on job related activities².  Between sleep and household activities, another 11.6 hours are spent in the home.  This adds up to a lot of time that you may be placed in a dangerous situation simply by living and working within the reach of a threat.


While you shouldn’t discriminate against anyone, you also should be allowed to have The Power of Decision™.  When applying for a home to live in, that community should have a standardized criteria for gaining residency, including thorough background checks of their applicants.  Similar background checks should be done as well on any employees coming onto the premises.  Not only are certain employees and subcontractors regularly in close proximity to residents of the property – they also have complete access to enter your home.


To obtain more information of the benefits of processing background checks, contact CICReports or visit The Sue Weaver C.A.U.S.E. – Sue Weaver was an entrepreneur and homeowner who lost her life when a twice-convicted sex offender that was sent to her home by a service company raped and murdered her – the company who hired him had no idea of his violently criminal past.


¹ FBI Crime Clock
² Bureau of Labor Statistics

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