tenant screening multifamily certificationIf reading a study guide and passing a 30 question test could save you thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits and legal fees, you and your staff would all do it, right?

FCRA CertificationCICReports is excited to offer clients the Safe Access For Credit (SAFC) course and certification for Multifamily Housing Professionals (MHP) FREE through our partnership with the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA). The certification is specifically designed to educate those in the multifamily housing industry on very specific policies and procedures that employees who process and use consumer credit reports in the rental decision process should know and adhere to. Mistakes – intentional or not – can be expensive.


There are consumers and attorneys who make a living looking for minute details that are overlooked, and CICReports aims to protect their clients from becoming a defendant!

The process is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Contact CICReports’ Compliance Dept. at 800-288-4757 opt. 6 or complete the online contact form.
  • Exam takers are provided a login and a study guide through NCRA.
  • When ready, users take the timed exam online.

Everyone who passes the exam immediately receives a certificate to print and users are able to include another beneficial multi-family certification to their portfolio.Remember this is a completely FREE benefit to CICReports clients.

Become FCRA Certified

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