Protect Residents by Offering Identity Theft Coverage

Fraud-Defender offers property management companies a unique opportunity to increase their revenue stream while incentivizing potential tenants to apply at their communities.

This beneficial program helps consumers fight the effects of identity theft with the service’s fully managed identity fraud research, remediation and recovery services. As an added bonus, participating companies will automatically have coverage on all their employees for free.

How Does It Work?

At the time the tenant check report is pulled through CICReports, each applicant is automatically provided coverage for one year and the cost is built into the community’s rental application fee. The leasing manager delivers to the applicant the Fraud Defender certificate which is on the last page of CICReports’ tenant screening report.

Passive Revenue Stream

By building the Fraud Defender price into the application fee, property management companies will net a passive revenue stream while promoting the management care and concern for applicants and renters, regardless if the applicant is approved for the property.

What Can Fraud Defender Provide Victims?

  • Assigned a case-dedicated professional Recovery Advocate managing the identity fraud incidents on behalf of the victim with no time limit on the recovery process.
  • Data reviewed from the three major credit bureaus plus discovery research completed to uncover additional identity fraud not evident to the victim.
  • Lost document replacement for credit cards, debit cards, important credentials and documents.
  • The Recovery Care Center is located in the United States and the hotline is answered 24/7.
  • Coverage extends to three generations of family members including children and parents living in the same household.

Enrollment is Quick and Easy!

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