Property Management Companies

property management companies For companies that manage multiple properties CICReports has built an easy to use system that integrates easily for all of your managers. It offers property management software as a service that provides landlords with the ability to screen applicants and apply their information to easy to use leasing forms. You can assign billing codes to every report run so that tracing back records is fast and simple. CICReports also keeps you up to date on changing legislation that affects your industry.

Some of CICReports’ offerings for Property Management Companies:

Resident screening Integrated Management Software with an “apply online!” feature. Click Here to Learn More!
Billing codes to maintain records on multiple properties within a single portfolio.
Reports available via online 24/7 or by phone / fax with our staff of FCRA Certified Records Researchers.
In addition, CICReports offers verbal verifications by our FCRA certified and bilingual staff, bad check search, county level criminal scans, social security number searches, and Experian Rentbureau.
CICTotal Manager is an intuitive cloud-based property management software that empowers the rental industry with the tools to Attract, Screen, Rent, Manage, and Collect in one affordable platform. Click Here to Learn More!

CICReports is also capable of doing customizable integrations with multiple software providers in the industry, as well as unique programming that your company may need exclusively for your managers. If you have any questions about how CICReports can help bring you The Power of Decision, contact us today!

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