tenant rental decision model

Custom Rental
Decision Models

CIC™ takes legal compliance very seriously, and we know you do too! That’s why we created our customized decision models, CrosXscore, erasing any doubts that your rental policy might be based on subjective and discriminatory factors.

Customize CrosXscore to meet your portfolio's needs

Risk Score Ranges

Control the accepted, conditional, and denied ranges for FICO® and National Risk Scores to easily determine the eligibility of your applicants.

Determine Risk Levels

Automatically identify past due tradelines, and other negative credit factors, to add consistency to your process and remove liabilities for your staff and company.

Criminal & Eviction Hits

Your rental criteria for considering past criminal and eviction activity can be included with CrosXscore. ‘Conditional’ decisions are returned when additional research is needed.

Reduce Liabilities

Applicant decision models are a great method for reducing your staff liabilities. All applicants are treated equally, and each report tells leasing agents what decision to make.

With CrosXscore we take the written requirements you set for each of your rental properties and automatically apply it to your rental applicant’s resident screening and credit report, giving you an easy ‘Accepted’, ‘Denied’, or ‘Conditional’ report. This allows you to apply the same standard to each and every rental applicant.

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