14 Ways to Treat Yo’ Self in the Rental Housing Industry

Let’s say it for the people in the back – working in the rental housing industry is tough! You wear a lot of different hats, deal with a multitude of very, very different people, and are constantly on your toes when it comes to new laws, rules, policies, and crazy renter situations you have to somehow manage. Whether you’re working with one property or a hundred, you need to know how to de-stress in order to keep your wits. Treat yo’ self this Valentine’s Day (or any day) with these 14 self-care secrets from landlords and property managers across the U.S.

“[I] Teach a spin class so I can yell and pedal hard and fast!”
-Cyndi Daniell

1. Spin Cycle, Anyone?

Want to burn off some steam and some calories? Try out a spin cycle class. This unique form of exercise promises to burn off 500 calories in 40 minutes and help get your mind off work, and who knows? Maybe you’ll get as good as this rental housing professional is and start teaching it. It’s a win-win!

"Wine... lots of wine!"
-Demetria Holt

2. Wine Time!

If spin cycle isn’t your speed, sip back and relax. Grab a fancy wine (or Trader Jo’s Two Buck Chuck), get cozy on the couch, and let yourself unwind. There’s nothing better after a hard, long day than uncorking and venting it all out. BFFs sold separately.

“I crack a cold beer when I walk in the door and then either do a fifteen-minute cardio workout while staying hydrated or cook dinner with the family. Either way, a cold beer is involved!”
-Chris Peterson

3. Beer? Cardio? How About Both?

For those who want to avoid the dreaded wine headache, try beer, or whiskey, or maybe cardio? Whatever you’re poison of choice or favorite exercise method is, this rental housing professional suggests doing it all.

“Leaving the office on time!”
-Tiffani McCoy

4. Just Clock Out

It’s safe to say, for a lot of property managers and those in the rental housing space, leaving work on time can be rare. If you’re able to – give yourself a much-deserved break and leave work when you’re supposed to.

“I smile and love on my pups and boyfriend. Run a hot bubble bath while starting dinner. Nonverbal music is my go-to because I’ve had too much ‘people’ for one day. Once [the bath] is full, I sink up to my ears and let it all go until tomorrow.”
-Alysa Doyle

5. Bubble Baths & Music

Nothing says relaxation better like a hot, soothing bubble bath. Soak your troubles away with a bath bomb, body scrub, or facemask and like Alysa said, “let it all go until tomorrow.”

“I go shopping with my rent money.”

6. Retail Therapy

Whether you’re a property owner with some extra cash to burn or a property manager saving up for something special – treat yo’ self. Some retail therapy might be the perfect thing to reward yourself for dealing with renter problems, maintenance nightmares, and so much paperwork.

“I remind myself it won’t matter in five months or five years. It doesn’t get to come home with me, and for things that do, they get five minutes in my journal and I slam the cover closed when my time is
-Andee Myatt

7. Mad Dash Journaling

Whether you’re a landlord, a property manager, or anything in-between, it can be really easy to get frustrated or worked up while working in the rental housing industry. Take a page out of Andee’s book and leave all your worries in a journal. But don’t dwell on it for two long – it isn’t worth it.

“Driving range. Rent a bucket of golf balls and slam them until they are gone!”
-Janice Marcum Quill

8. Drive the Stress Away – with Golf!

While playing any sport could help relieve some in-office stress, there’s nothing like going to the driving range to make you feel 1) very classy and 2) extremely relaxed. It’s a great low-stakes way to burn off some steam and help you work on your swing.

“I ride my horses, spend time on my hobby farm, and do things with my kids.”
-Brooke Renshaw

9. The Great Outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to escape the rigors of rental housing by tending to your farm or horses, you probably don’t need this guide! For everyone else, plan some time to escape to the great outdoors, or start your own garden. Either way, breathing in some fresh air is guaranteed to help you unwind.

“I head to sculpt yoga where I can get all the stress out yet hear inspirational and motivational messages. It helps me set good intentions for the rest of the day and tomorrow.”
-Kristina Marshall

10. Yoga and Meditations

From downward dog to child’s pose, you can slow down with yoga. Paired with motivational messages, breathing exercises, and mindful meditations, it’s a great way to calm down after an incredibly frustrating day at work. 

“Simple stuff I can do any day: Walk my dog at an elevated place, get a mini M&M blizzard from Dairy Queen, take a hot shower, clean my house while listening to music loudly, order food from DoorDash, drink at home, clean and detail my car by hand (in the Summer), get a quick shoulder rub, fall asleep on the couch early, do an at-home face mask/foot treatment.”

11. Enjoy the Little Things in Life

I get it- maybe yoga and bubble baths aren’t you’re thing. Maybe you don’t want to do spin cycle after a long day of work. Instead, focus on the little things that make you happy. For some, that might be cleaning your house. For others, it could be skipping out on dinner duty and ordering take out. Whatever your cure is, enjoy it to your heart’s content.

“I show my employees some LOVE. [I] give them something fun and nice… something silly to wear, conversation hearts, a box of chocolates… Just making [Valentine’s Day] feel like it’s not another day makes it special. That’s a treat to me. Then, wine for me. Always wine."
-Marie Compton

12. Treating Others = Treating Yourself

No matter if it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, it always feels great to let the people around you know you care. Expressing this can be as simple as gifting chocolates or sweets or simply expressing your appreciation.

“My self-care is pretty simple… My way to self-care is to just take a shower, if I’m feeling extra stressed, I might light a cheap candle. Being a landlord for the most of us small timers isn’t a life of vacations and wine. Many of us work regular jobs on top of taking care of tenant needs and if we have time, get to our own problems eventually. I put my wife and kid’s needs before my own. One day it will all pay off, but for now it’s a grind to provide for the two tornadoes living in my house. In the future, I ‘plan’ on relaxing in a beach town while the rents roll in and let the property manager handle more issues. That’s a while down the road, but I’m already living there in my imagination!”

13. Remember What (or Who) You’re Doing It All For

Got future plans? A family back home, waiting for you? A loveable pet? Working is no fun, and sometimes the best way to deal with all the rental housing stress is remembering why (or who) you’re doing it all for.

“I pull my hair out and wonder why I entered the industry lol”

14. Develop a Wicked Sense of Humor

While working in this industry might make you want to kick, scream, and take a long stress nap, try doing what the pros do- laugh it off (and maybe drink a glass of wine later). Having a sense of humor will help keep your sanity intact after all the renter drama, unexpected mishaps and mayhem, and phone calls and will help you go miles in this crazy industry. After all, what would your renters do without you?

What's your favorite way to after a long, hard day?

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