Notify Applicants of Your Rental Decision Instantly

ApplyConnect®, the industry’s most advanced tenant screening solution for landlords and real estate agents, recently made enhancements to their users’ experience. The improved technology saves landlords and real estate agents time, allowing the tenant screening process to be completed faster and with improved security and protection for all users. This industry exclusive new feature gives the landlord or agent the ability to automatically notify the applicant whether or not they were approved for the property with an instant email decision.

After the landlord or agent has reviewed the tenant’s credit and background history and has come to a rental decision, they will now have the ability to notify the applicant of their decision immediately through the website.
  Options are available to send applicants an “Approved”, “Denied” and “Conditional” e-letter. Should an applicant be denied, they will receive legally compliant language and documentation that will help protect the landlord/agent from liability. If conditions such as a higher security deposit or a co-signer are required, the user simply checks the item(s) within the provided template.

“No other consumer-initiated tenant screening website offers such a streamlined decision notification service.  Renters are always eager to know if they have been approved, and now ApplyConnect gives our clients a communication tool, which includes the legally required notices by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, all at the click of the mouse” stated Caryn Bennett, Compliance Manager.

ApplyConnect delivers a full Experian® credit report and risk score, plus a nationwide eviction, criminal and sex offender registry records search within seconds of an applicant sharing and purchasing their tenant background check online.

ApplyConnect  has no setup fees, no contracts and no onsite inspection requirement which is typical of traditional tenant screening services.   By utilizing state-of-the-art data encryption and by never saving credit card information, your information is always safe and secure.  ApplyConnect is available immediately, 24/7 to landlords, real estate agents and renters so you can rent when you want to!

The consumer-initiated screening report is paid by the renter who automatically authorizes the sharing of their report to a landlord or agent as soon as it is purchased. An added plus is that ApplyConnect does not place a hard inquiry on the renter’s credit report, thus there is zero impact to the applicant’s FICO, Vantage, or other risk score models.

By using next generation technology, thoroughly examining an applicant’s credit report and background check before renting will give landlords and real estate agents a distinct edge in the rental housing market.

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