Are Applicants Giving You Fraudulent Paystubs?

Creating fraudulent documents has become easier as technology has improved. With just a computer, printer, scanner and Photoshop software, fabricating fake paystubs can be done at home. Even online paystub services like and generate paystubs based on the information put in by the user for an inexpensive fee.

rental applicant fake paystubsWhile these services might seem like a good idea to applicants who are independent contractors, business owners, students and entrepreneurs (where providing income information for rental and credit applications is very difficult), those outside services are extremely relaxed on their requirements for accuracy. Paystub companies depend on the honesty of the person buying the income document and, while honest applicants do exist, no 3rd party verification is conducted.

Protect yourself from the possibility of accepting counterfeit paystubs by cross referencing the information listed on the applicant’s credit report – in employment section.  Another step is to do an online search of the employer listed on the rental application and call to perform a verbal verification.

When asking for proof of income for resident screening, be aware of how your application process can help undocumented applicants apply. Keep in mind other forms that can prove income for resident screening like copies of bank statements reflecting deposits, student grant or VA benefits, or tax returns prepared by a tax preparer. And make sure that your rental application, especially if it’s online rental application, allows these documents to be uploaded and possibly explained.

To protect you and your income property, be vigilant in analyzing paystubs and official documents, and stay on top of resident screening news by subscribing to the Resident Screening Blog below.

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