Are Your Online Rental Applications Providing Everything You Need?

In this rental market, it’s obvious that staying up-to-date with consumer technology is unavoidable if you want to attract a large amount of applicants and gain good, long-term residents. While numerous new apps and online services are being developed with these benefits in mind, nothing compares to the results you’ll see when you add an online application to your leasing process. Online rental applications are not only convenient for your residents, but it allows your community’s reach to spread beyond the local area, grabbing applicants from around the nation.

As online applications are one of the easiest ways to increase applicants, CIC™ is constantly making efforts to enhance our online application platform, Ready2Apply.  The latest improvements to our intuitive system give property managers like you the Power of Decision, expediting the leasing process as a whole.

With the new update, Ready2Apply users are now able to move an application from one property to another. All you have to do is click on the pencil icon next to the property’s name and you’ll be able to connect applications to the appropriate property.

Additionally, we’ve made two important enhancements to our system. The first update enables our Ready2Apply application to group together co-applicants, regardless of whether they applied together or separately, saving you time. The second feature will let your rental applicants bring up their partially filled application simply by inputting their email address, allowing them to resume where they left off. Finally, we’ve enabled our lease forms to be electronically signed by all parties, eliminating the need to fax or sign in person.

“These enhancements showcase that CIC™ is dedicated to making our online platform hassle-free for our users. Eliminating redundant data-entries is our first step at achieving that, but certainly not our last.”

-Chad Walters, Network Engineer

We know keeping up with the times can feel like an upward battle as new rental technology is outdating the last, that’s why we make it our mission to empower property managers like you. By streamlining the leasing process, our online application saves you time and money with features like:

  • The ability to upload paystubs and ID
  • Online application fees payable online
  • E-signatures
  • Application and integrated background report done in minutes!

Get your leasing process up-to-date by going to and look out for these enhancements, and the coming enhancements ahead!


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