Boost Resident Happiness Levels with Memorial Day Events

With Memorial Day and Summer up ahead, you might want to start strategizing resident events and outdoor maintenance for your property. As leasing season gets closer utilize this valuable prep time to ensure the exterior of your community is maintained and safe, and consider hosting a few resident events to not only attract applicants to your property but keep the residents you have.

Summer Exterior Maintenance

Nothing looks better to touring applicants than when your residents are out using your amenities. While you can’t force your renters to take a dip in the pool in April, at the very least you can ensure that the exterior of your property is attractive, maintained, and safe.

First, let’s start off with your landscaping— is it being maintained up to your standards? Are pathways through your property visible? Do you need to repair or replace any exterior lights? Although it’s unlikely that you’re going to be doing any tours when it’s dark out, it’s imperative that you make sure your property is up to code and your residents and staff are safe. Plus, while inspecting your community’s landscaping you might just discover that doggie poo bags are the next amenity your property needs.

After examining the landscaping, take a look at the outdoor spaces that are designated for community use, like pools, communal BBQs, or picnic areas. As it gets increasingly hotter, pools are seen as a huge plus for applicants. Get your residents to utilize the space by ensuring that it’s regularly maintained. As we said in our article, Creating Kid-Safe Rental Properties, “if your drain gate or cover is broken, it’s possible that the suction from the drain can trap even an adult underwater.” Additionally, as children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates, make sure safety devices and required signs are visible and nearby. To ward off any events with runaway toddlers, it might be a good idea to consider fencing in your pool as well.

Finally, check to see if community furniture is clean and in good condition. Is now the time to replace your pool-side furniture, picnic tables, or BBQs? You wouldn’t want to find out the BBQs you’ve been bragging to applicants about are dirty and broken.

Plan a Memorial Day Resident Event

With Memorial Day around the corner (May 29th, 2017), you might want to kick off leasing season with a simple resident event. Take a look at our Resident Event Guide and figure out what type of event would be the most successful in your community. For example, if your property has a lot of families with young children, you might want to host a water balloon fight. This is inexpensive, allows your residents to engage with each other, and can be utilized throughout summer. Just make sure there are designated (preferably, grassy) areas and a few people to monitor and manage teams.

If you’ve noticed a lot of your residents are proud cooks, consider hosting a Memorial Day chili cook-off! While your renters won’t be as personally engaged with each other as the event idea above, this is a good opportunity to get your residents talking online. With an official chili cook-off Facebook page, you can raise your online presence for your property and reward one resident with a prize.

Of course as leasing season gets closer, it’s likely that you won’t have as much time to dedicate to a day-long resident event. Take a few moments to show your residents that you care by sending your renters a note (or use our mass resident text messaging) encouraging them to utilize your outdoor community spaces. Encourage your residents to come to your leasing office to get free mosquito repellent bracelets or take advantage of the inexpensive inflatable pool toys you have.

 Pro Tip: is a great resource for more event ideas!

Whether you set your due date to Memorial Day, or another time during Spring or Summer, making sure your community is safe and happy is imperative if you want to not only attract new residents but keep the renters you have. With a fun resident event at your side, you’ll have applicants at your door begging for a rental application.


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