CIC™ Announces Integration with Property Boulevard, Inc.

CIC adds best in class resident screening to streamline the rental application process with Property Boulevard, Inc.

Contemporary Information Corporation announces the integration of their first-rate tenant screening solutions with Property Boulevard, Inc.’s advanced property management software. Through the integration, clients who opt into both services can expect a streamlined rental application process within their Property Boulevard management software.

Using CIC’s industry leading tenant screening data, mutual clients may have access to Experian®, TransUnion®, and Equifax® credit, risk scores, bad check search, nationwide criminal and eviction, RentReveal® rental payment history, and social search. CIC™ not only provides an abundance of information, but has backed the quality of their tenant screening solution for the last 30 years. Using credit straight from the 3 major credit bureaus, an eviction database of over 36 million records and a multi-jurisdictional criminal record search for all 50 states, CIC firmly believes that their tenant screening information will give Property Boulevard, Inc.’s software users the power of decision, in one platform.

Integration with Property Boulevard, Inc.’s powerful property management software insures that double entry input by the user will be eliminated and all information will be streamlined online. Their new approach to property management software acts as a behind-the-scenes assistant that compiles reports, prints out checks, and sends reminders for you. Rather than operating solely as an accounting aid, Property Boulevard, Inc.’s software manages all aspects of the user’s business and is easy to use, allowing it’s users to operate 100% paperless.

“We are excited to begin offering CIC’s best in class tenant screening to our clients and that the combined service will make our users’ day-to-day rental operations easier than ever,” said Ben Artzi, President of Property Boulevard, Inc.

“This integration is significant in a time when technology is driving that need for streamlined processes, “ stated Sabrina Bower, President of CIC, “where our mutual clients are ensured they receive quality data from a seasoned 30 year old background screening company rather than merely a technology company.”

For more information about Contemporary Information Corporation’s integration with Property Boulevard, Inc.’s property management software, please call 888-316-4242 opt 3.

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