Handy “Clocks Fall Back” Checklist with a Poem

The end of Daylight savings will cause all of our clocks to fall back on November 1st this year (unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii). Use this handy checklist in printable form and fun poem to remind your staff, coworkers and even your residents of the things they should take care of to prepare for this winter season.

Spring forward, Fall Back” both require you to act!

As days get shorter and darkness glooms, check the batteries in all the rooms:

Smoke alarms and security feeds – both are vital safety needs.

Make sure they work, do a test. Protect those you love the very best.

Check the clocks, be sure they’re right to catch what lurks in the deepest night.

Not all clocks are on your phone, some must be set all on your own!

Touch the button, wind the dial (depending on your artistic style).

DVR and microwaves (remember when VCRs were all the rave?).

Auto timers on sprinklers and lights? Adjust them for the changing nights.

In autumn you can water less and save your plants from frost duress.

Illuminate your parking lots and help defend your precious tots.

Clubhouse, vacancies and laundry rooms? Make sure they’re lit – not dark as tombs.

Safety and security needs now done, settle in and have some fun!

Pop some corn and read a book, comfy and cozy in your private nook.

Or play a game of hide-and-seek, watch a movie cheek to cheek.

Don’t forget our two cents worth, to get you ready for November 1st.

CIC is here for you, in business and in friendship too!


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Caryn Bennett has been working in the Multifamily Housing Industry since 1990 with experience ranging from onsite property manager to the current position as Compliance Manager for CIC. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from University of the Pacific in Stockton, Ca. and has numerous FCRA and Experian course certifications. Caryn has also served as the chair of the tenant screening committees for the NCRA and NAPBS, and is a Notary Public of the State of California. When not working, she spends time with her husband, children and grandchildren. She enjoys reading and rock music.

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