Easily Transition your Community from Daylight Savings Time with our Checklist

With the end of Daylight savings time on Sunday, November 4th, you’ll finally be able to get some much needed rest! Aside from Arizona and Hawaii, communities across the nation will have to set their clocks back by an hour this weekend. Make sure you take advantage of our handy (printable) checklist to remind your staff, coworkers, and even your residents of the time change.

Don’t forget to change the:

  • Automatic lighting in common areas and parking lot
  • HVAC panels in exercise room, clubhouse, lobby & leasing office
  • Automatic sprinkler system (reduce watering with colder temperatures and avoid night watering in winter weather)
  • Automatic settings for Jacuzzi and pool
  • Clocks in laundry room, exercise room, clubhouse, lobby & leasing office
  • Leasing office fax machine and phone system
  • Close circuit video security system – DVR’s clock
  • Leasing office alarm system
  • Vacant housing units being shown
  • Test batteries in smoke alarms



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