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If you saw our recent Visually Attract Tenants infographic, then you already know that videos can significantly improve the quality of the leads you get. When potential applicants have access to a walk-through video of your vacancy, they are able to immediately get a sense of what your community is like. Whether you use a professional service to capture your video content or use your own camera or smartphone, you’ll get a boost in applicants and build your community’s reputation if you utilize video marketing.

A Quick Guide to Capturing your Community’s Best Features

Before you can launch your video marketing campaign, you need to have video content to post. If you already have a walk-through video made, or are using a professional service to create your tour videos, you can skip this step. If you’ve decided to cut costs and do it yourself, read this quick guide to make the most out of your smartphone or digital camera.

Just like when taking rental photos, you’re going to want to employ those same tactics into your videos. However, in addition to flipping the phone horizontally and utilizing natural lighting, you’re going to have to try to have a steady and even hand. You don’t want your video to come out shaky or disorienting. Consider turning up the brightness by a few degrees as well. This will help light up dark areas on your property and make the rooms seem bigger, but don’t overdo it. Finally, you’re going to want to avoiding panning and zooming altogether. Keep an even frame.

While editing your video isn’t entirely necessary, the effort will ultimately make your transitions between room to room, smoother. If you’re using your phone to take rental videos, then there are tons of low-cost video editing apps at your disposal. If you’re using your own DSLR or digital camera, Youtube has its own editor built in. While it won’t be able to handle intense editing, it’ll work well for a walk through video. If you decide to play music in the background of your video, keep in mind that Youtube is strict on music copyright laws. Select music from their free resource page just to be safe.

Use Videos to Attract Applicants and Build your Reputation

Now that you have video content, you should start promoting your vacancy through it. The first step is to post your walk-through video on your website, Craigslist, via email and within your email signature, and on social media platforms. Facebook in particular can help your property get a lot of reception as, according to TechCrunch, on Facebook alone the average amount of daily video views doubled from 4 billion per day to 8 billion per day between April 2015 and November 2015. Depending on whether your budget allows you to use Facebook Ads, you can use your video to further meet your target audience.

When it comes to posting anything online, you’re going to have to be aware of the comments section. While it’s doubtful you’re going to get a swarm of negative comments, it’s important that you consider how to act if someone does say something. When dealing with negative comments on your videos, you’re going to want to do the same as when you handle bad online reviews.

Depending on how you react to both negative and positive comments, you might be able to jumpstart your community’s reputation within your local area. This engagement is vital. Shares, comments, and likes all contribute to your community’s exposure and how search engines like Google rank your website.

Unfortunately, marketing through videos isn’t a ‘one and done’ path. If you want your community to attract more applicants and your reputation to grow, you’re going to have to consistently market all your vacancies and your community as a whole through video. Always respond to comments in an appropriate manner. You never know, you might attract the perfect tenants with your next tour video.

Do you use video tours to market your community? How has it impacted the amount of applicants you get? Let us know your experience with video marketing in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe!

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