Holiday Health Awareness for Your Residents

The holiday spirit is upon us! Whether you saw it coming a mile away as mega stores immediately hoisted the fake Christmas trees after Halloween or you are just now hit by the ghost of Christmas Present as you scramble to purchase gifts for your family, one thing is for sure: you probably don’t want to get sick right now. Unfortunately this season’s temperature drop can cause serious health problems to adults and infants alike if they don’t stay warry of the cold. Keep your residents happy and healthy by reminding them to stay warm and dry this holiday season, be extra cautious in highly populated areas, and be aware if their neighbors have any food allergies.

Friendly Reminders

It’s the holiday drill—wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and make sure to bundle up in layers. You know this, everyone knows this, but it doesn’t hurt to remind your residents. Put out a friendly reminder on your property’s social media sites or on your resident’s front doors.

Take the time to wipe down your common areas. Frequently cleaning places like stairway railings, doorknobs, laundry areas and elevator buttons have a big impact on your community’s health. For extra germ protection, make hand sanitizer available in your leasing office. This will not only help your residents combat illness, but your staff as well.

Avoiding Holiday Germs

When you’re standing in an overcrowded Target line or are simply battling it out in the grocery store for the last reasonably-sized ham, the thought of germs is the last thing on your mind. While there isn’t much you can do if someone sneezes or coughs next to you, by being aware of your surroundings, you can help keep the germs away.

Warn your residents that before shopping they should wipe down their shopping cart and cell phone with sanitation wipes and be conscious of how they’re feeling. Even if they feel the tiniest bit sick, they should try to take vitamins and possibly even get some rest. While the holidays may be a crazy busy time, it’s important to take a little time to yourself. You’d be surprised what a few minutes will do.

Baked Good Allergy Awareness

There’s nothing better than holiday baked goods and sweets, but while you might enjoy your snickerdoodles traditionally made, there’s a growing population that leans more on the healthier side. Whether it’s for health purposes (like gluten-free) or simply because of the taste, replacing your standard flour with alternative flours has become more popular. Just be sure to make a note to inform hungry visitors about the change.

Although your mouth might be watering, those with peanut allergies would cringe. Protect your resident’s health by pointing this out before they start making and handing out baked goods. If you know of a resident who is already deathly allergic to peanuts, make a point to ask your nearby residents to be cautious and courteous. Your community will appreciate your efforts.

This season help your residents enjoy the company of their family and community by reminding them to pay attention to their health. Warn them to ward off those stuffy noses, cold coughs and late-night shopping aches, and have some peace of mind.

For more Holiday safety tips visit the CDC website.

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