How to Attract Family Residents

Family renters are a property manager’s bread and butter. No matter where your property is located, families will always apply to your community. That being said, family renters value different things than senior or millennial applicants. If you want to attract more families to your community, you’ll have to showcase your property in a certain way.

Flaunt your Location

Like with any renters, families consider local resources nearby your community as a plus. Places like grocery stores, parks, banks, churches, and local coffee shops attract families. With any future online listings, be sure to flaunt your location and include pictures. In addition to showcasing your property’s convenient location, consider the family applicant’s children. If your community is located in a good school district, promote that! Make it a priority to mention your local school’s achievements and after-school programs during tours.

Safety is Vital

Security and safety is always a priority, but with family applicants looking your way, you might want to make sure they notice how well your property is maintained. Point out any security systems or gates that your community has. With small children around, Marissa M., a mother, stresses that safety is even more important. Her previous apartment complex did not enforce the kid-safe speed limits and because of it, a little girl was hit by a speeding car and killed.

Show your applicants and residents that safety is important by coming up with ways to enforce kid-safe speed zones, developing a safe bus pick up area, and by making sure your community is prepared for a natural disaster or fire. Showing that your community is safe not only attracts family applicants, but puts your current residents at ease.

Community Amenities are a Plus

When you have kids, convenient amenities are attractive. While bike paths, playsets, or community pools are not necessary deal breakers for family renters, it is an added bonus. Showcase your easy laundry hookups or facilities, outdoor spaces, and resident perks on your online listings and tours. By promoting small resident events like G-rated movie nights, safe Halloween events, and pizza days, you keep your family residents happy while attracting new residents to your convenient amenities.

While for a lot of families home ownership is the ultimate goal, many new or first-time families don’t have the money saved up for the down payment on a house, making them prime family renters. Keep this in mind while marketing towards family applicants. You want your community to be ideal for young, small children so emphasizing safety and location is a must. It doesn’t hurt to flaunt your community’s amenities either. You might just find long-term residents.

What else do you commonly practice that draws families to your properties? What unexpected perks have you found that families enjoy from living on your property? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe!

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