How You can Benefit from Making Move-Ins Easier

No matter how much your new residents love their home, moving is stressful. Rather than start off your renter’s experience with your community on a bad note, instantly land a good first impression by providing move-in checklists and reminders, new renter discounts, and information on community events. By implementing a few of these tips, you’ll not only make your new residents happy and gain a good reputation, but get the information you need for your records, faster.

Send out Reminders and Utility Checklists Early

Beyond packing and unloading boxes, remembering to open accounts with utility providers, change physical addresses, and enroll children in schools and programs can be a lot for your renter. Before your new residents move in, relieve some of the pressure by sending them a utility checklist and to-do reminders. You can do this by utilizing our utility checklist and adding your own reminders (like requiring renter’s insurance) a few weeks before move-in or use a service like Updater, which will allow your new renters to seamlessly update their online accounts and forward their mail. These reminders are especially helpful for new residents who are coming in from out-of-state.

As moving-in is hard on your residents, it’s just as stressful for you as well. Consider fine tuning your move-in process by creating your own checklist. While there will always be unexpected variables with every new renter, having written guidelines will help make sure nothing is overlooked.

Consider Offering Discounts or Providing Small Welcome Gifts

You’re going to be interacting with your residents for at least 6 months to a year, so it’s important to make a good impression. Welcome new renters with move-in discounts. This can be as simple as striking up a discount deal with local restaurants, coffee shops, pet clinics and groomers, and nearby gyms. Stop by your local chamber of commerce to pick up a stack of new resident packets which are usually free.  By leading business to the local community, your community’s reputation will grow. If you want to take it a step further, you can include a small welcome gift. You can even use your welcome gifts (like gift cards) as an incentive to rent in your community! Remember, every renter is a potential good online review and future resident referral.

Provide Community Information

Make your new renters feel welcome by providing information on local events like fairs, free concerts or work out classes, food truck festivals, and the farmer’s market. You can do this by listing specific events that are coming soon, or pointing your residents to community Facebook pages that offer recreation, events, and other community resources. If they have children, provide a list of after school or summer activities offered by your city or the YMCA. Of course, if you hold your own resident events, include those as well. This small amount of effort will go a long way with your renters.

For most rental communities, the move-in period is an untapped opportunity to increase your reputation, both online and in-person. By providing utility check-lists, local discounts, and community information, you open up the door for your new residents to interact with your community and your staff. I can bet your competition isn’t doing that.

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