Managing Your Online Reputation

Reviews can Make or Break Your Business

With the digital age and the vast amount of online shopping options, many consumers rely on the aid of reviews. However, this doesn’t end with the consumer’s Amazon shopping cart, the reliance on reviews stretches out to the rental market. By using websites like and Yelp!, potential renters are able to view honest opinions from current and previous tenants. Even apartment finding sites and social media pages like and Facebook allow your tenants to post reviews, and in turn decide to rent based on what they find.

Before you start fretting, remembering the potential purchases you’ve abandoned because of bad reviews, know that you can turn this to your advantage. With these tips, you’ll be able to enhance your reputation online and bring potential renters straight to your leasing office in no time.

Spread the Word

The biggest thing you can do to improve your online stance is to first and foremost make your current and loyal residents aware. It doesn’t have to be blatant. Put your community’s social media links at the end of your emails and handouts, promote it in-office through your helpful leasing agents, and have your property managers go to loyal residents politely asking for a review. Just don’t be pushy about it. A forced review is never a good one.

Attract Close Community Traffic

Another way to increase your online reputation is to use your community’s social media sites to stage community-oriented contests. Give your tenants an incentive to come to your Facebook or Twitter page. Rather than asking for reviews, ask your tenants to write about their favorite memory within your community and post it to your Facebook for a chance to win a gift card (or some other incentive). While this may seem like a round-about way of gaining online reviews, potential renters will be able to see your active and positive community.

Give Potential Renters a Nice View

Create a positive image online by having your leasing agents post photos of your property on your social media sites, review sites, and your own website. Instead of taking pictures that are staged or landscape-only, try to get pictures of community events or common rooms. Encourage your renters through contests to post their own photos on Twitter. To go a step further, use videos to let potential renters see what to expect of your property. This helps potential renters imagine what their lives would be like in your community.

Good Work is Always Recognized

It’s a given that good work is usually recognized. If your leasing agents go out of their way, for not just current renters, but incoming tenants as well, then your residents will be more obliged to write an online review even without asking. Make your incoming tenants’ lives easier during move-in by going above and to provide them with a utility checklist. Through this you’ll not only be on your way to establishing long-term tenants, but a great reputation.

As always, building a reputation takes time and planning. Managing your online reputation is a constant process of finding creative ways to spur positive reviews. While you might not get the results you want every time, it’s important to keep building that reputation because that is what’ll get new tenants.

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