New Listing Technology to Attract Applicants

Nowadays, you can’t take a step without hearing about how the latest advancements in technology are affecting the multifamily housing industry. Beyond traditional rental photos, 3D floorplans and 360 tour videos are starting to pop up. Even virtual reality is already being used to market unfinished high-rises! Whether you invest in this new technology now or utilize inexpensive enhancements available on your phone, you’ll be able to extend your reach across the country while providing your hip local applicants more information. It’s a win-win situation!

Engage with Applicants through your Smartphone

Since you’re already using your smartphone to take crisp rental photos, why not hit record and do a quick video walk-through? Upload your video tour to YouTube and share it privately with interested applicants. If you’ve been contacted by a long-distance applicant and want to schedule an in-depth online tour, then using Skype through their app or Facetime on iPhones is the way to go. It’s a good way to have a personal, one-on-one video tour and your applicant will appreciate the effort. If you have multiple potential applicants that live out-of-town or have military applicants, then you can easily livestream your community on Facebook. Think of it as an online open house. You’ll be able to answer questions, see who viewed the stream, and save the video on your Facebook page for applicants that just missed your stream.


Cutting-Edge Technology Puts your Community on the Map

While having rental photos and videos online is vital, it is the basics of developing an online presence. You and your competition most likely already do this. To stand out not only locally, but nationally as well, you should consider investing in new, high-quality video technology. Although 3D floorplans aren’t technically new, they are a great way to showcase your vacancy’s layout and help applicants imagine living in your community. They can also be created at a fairly reasonable price. If you want to showcase your vacancy through a walk-through video but want it to be higher-quality and more advanced then a standard mobile video, then consider making a 360 video. This type of video is much more interactive, and will attract more applicants and attention on social media platforms.

Online Forms & Applications

Getting your applicants to be comfortable with the leasing process is a piece of cake in person, but if they live across the country, it’s not so easy with a physical application. By putting your forms and documents online, you eliminate that complicated paper trail. Plus, you save time and money on buying paper, storing applications, and destroying sensitive information. Selecting a company that provides online applications that let applicants upload paystubs and important documents, and can be digitally signed is especially important if you want to extend your reach out-of-state.

Interactive, online videos are only effective if you take advantage of your social media platforms and online channels. With applicants that live in a different time zone, pairing different forms of online communication with your online application will seal the deal. While your rental applicants aren’t exactly viewing your property in virtual reality, technological features like these will enhance your tenant search by enabling renters to apply to your vacancy no matter where they live.

What technological enhancements do you think will take off in the multifamily housing industry? Which one are you willing to try out? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below!

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