Rental Payment History Helps Pre-Qualify Applicants!

If you’ve ever wished you could see your applicants’ rental payment history without having to verbally verify with their illusive rental contact, then you’re not alone. Experian® RentBureau®’s report, RentReveal, allows you to see move in and out dates on previous addresses, the applicant’s payment history with those properties, and a numerical tenant rating. RentReveal gives you an advantage, further helping you to make those tough rental decisions.  CIC tenant screening services include the RentReveal at no additional cost when coupled with an Experian® credit report.

What Exactly is in a RentReveal Report?

RentReveal reports can be broken down into four parts:

  1. Experian® RentBureau® Information

In this section you’ll see your applicant’s personal information (like full name, date of birth, and partial SSN and driver’s license information), their latest reported address, and employment information.

Experian RentBureau RentReveal

  1. Tradeline

While you can get more than one tradeline (also known as the property management company) on the report, each tradeline is formatted the same. First, you’ll get the applicant’s personal information. Then, you’ll see the property’s information (with things like company name, property name, phone number and address under this section). Next, important dates like when this information was reported, when the lease began/ended, the move in/out dates, and if the applicant gave notice will appear next to the two sections above. Underneath the “Name” section, the leasing address will be displayed.

Experian RentBureau RentReveal

In the “Payment History” section, you’ll be able to see how the applicant payed within the past few months. Each month (when provided by the furnisher) will have a code paired with it.

W: Rent write-off

U: Non rent write-off

O: An outstanding balance

N: Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)

L: Late

P: Paid as agreed.

Beneath the payment history chart, you’ll see a payment rating. This is a score (from 1 to 9) that showcases how likely they’ll pay their rent and fees. Ideally, you’ll want a payment rating of 1 (with 9 being the worst). After that, there should be a marker showing if there are any disputes. Additionally, you’ll receive information on that tradeline’s date of last activity, rent (with total write-offs and rent payed listed), and a breakdown of total times late, NSF, LEMO and the number of lessees.

  1. Inquiry

This area will give you a brief description of who last inquired for a RentReveal report, when the report was inquired, and for what purpose.

  1. Consumer Dispute Contact

The final part of the report delves into the contact information of Experian® RentBureau® in the case that the consumer has a dispute.

While currently not all property management companies and rental payment processing firms currently furnish data on their tenants, by reporting your resident’s rental payment history to Experian®, you can gradually change this. As the rental payment database grows in the future, the quality of your reports are significantly enhanced and the time you spend answering verbal rental verification calls is minimized. Take control of your community’s future now!

How much would you depend on rental payment history data when making decisions, if it was available? Do you think rental payment history data would positively or negatively affect an applicant’s chances?

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