Start 2016 the Right Way with these Resident Events

Whether you’ve already mapped out your New Year resolutions or have decided to wing it this year, 2016 gives the opportunity to start off fresh. From striving to form a better relationship with your residents to simply wanting to be more organized in day-to-day operations, you’re not the only one aiming to change something this year. Reach your 2016 goals by helping your residents reach theirs with these few easy resident events.

Energize Your Community by Promoting Good Health!

You know what they say; a New Year, a new you. But that doesn’t mean all your residents need to go out and get gym memberships to stay dedicated to their fitness goals. If your community has a fitness room or even an open indoor space, consider hosting your own workout classes. Faith Hinz suggests seeing if one of your residents is a fitness instructor and is willing to lead the class, or hire a local instructor for the day.

  • If you don’t have the budget for an instructor, utilize your current fitness room by providing water or Gatorade. Put up new stretch exercises near the water station weekly. While they do offer payable exercises, WorkoutLabs has a few free printable workouts and a free customizable workout builder available.
  • If you don’t have the space to hold your own class, put out a list of free (or relatively cheap) classes on your community social media pages and communal areas. Include Youtube resources like Blogilaties or Yoga with Adriene, which lets your residents access free workout videos right in their own homes.
  • See if any of your residents would like to form a running or walking group together. Supply your community’s new club with potential routes and group text them weekly weather updates. By using incentives like water bottles with your community’s name on it, you not only encourage your residents to reach their New Year resolutions, but you also gain a little free advertising. You can easily buy a pack of 36 water bottles for about $4 at Costco and then cheaply customize each water bottle with branded labels.

Support Education for Younger Residents

For your younger residents and their parents, obtaining or maintaining good grades in school is a priority. Help your residents focus on getting that  A in algebra by handing out free pencils and pens. Grab giveaway items like notebooks, sticky notes, and highlighters at your local dollar store.

If you have a large college presence in your community, consider having a small storage of useful items like scantrons, blue exam books, and pencils that you can sell for students in need who may not have time to stop by the campus bookstore. You can easily and inexpensively get these items off our Amazon list, but before you purchase anything, confirm with your local college’s bookstore that these particular exam sheets are used. If you want to go all out for your college student residents, offer free coffee in your lounge or common areas. Find out when midterms and finals are and transform your common areas into study zones. Three weeks before final exams, I guarantee your stressed millennials will be grateful.

Keep Your Residents Motivated With These Few Events

You know as well as I do that staying motivated is as much of a goal as eating healthy or sorting your email inbox. A bad start in the day is enough to break even the smallest resolutions. So why not help your residents start 2016 off on the right foot? Take breakfast off your residents’ minds by throwing a late New Year’s event where you hand out coffee, muffins, and fruit by your community entrance. Organize what time your event will be, for example, 6-8 am, and then have your staff come in early to help manage assembly and approach your residents in the car line. Make sure to make a sign in front of your set up assuring residents that this is a planned event and not a solicitor.

If your local weather is too cold to set up an event outside, move your motivational event into your commons and set it to a more convenient time for your residents. Post motivational quotes and videos to your social media platform and encourage your residents to use the available amenities to accomplish their resolutions. At your event, ask your residents to give you some feedback with either an online or physical questionnaire. This can help you and your team figure out what goals you should aim for this year.

Over the next 366 days many are determined to see some sort of change or make some sort of progress, your residents included. Helping your residents with their goals this year will not only strengthen your relationship with them, but it might also help you reach your own goals. Talk to your residents and try to figure out what common resolutions your community has. Who knows? Maybe rather than aiming to get healthy, the majority of your residents are avid readers wanting to read a book each month or big bakers excited to try new foods.

What common New Year resolutions do you come across in your community? And what property management goals are you trying to achieve in 2016? Leave a comment down below, and be sure to subscribe!

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