Give Your New Resident Incentives While Moving

It seems like everywhere I look I see advice on how to get residents into your property and how to keep them there. What I don’t see is articles about how to make an impact on your resident right after they sign the lease. The period after they sign the lease and begin moving in is one of the most difficult times. They have to go through the headache of moving, transferring all accounts, informing people of their new address, and then they still have to adjust to a new home. Adding value to their life during this period may make more of an impact than any other time. Here are some great ways to improve their transition:

  • Leave them a move-in present: Have a welcome package waiting on the kitchen counter for when they begin moving into the premises. Contents of this package could include a package of water bottles, a change of address form, some snacks such as trail mix or beef jerky, picture frame hooks, etc.
  • Create a moving box recycling program: As residents move in, offer them the option of recycling their broken down moving boxes in your office. Over time this can become a ‘take a penny, leave a penny’ type of option for movers.
  • Contract with local small businesses: Talk to some local cleaning business, moving companies and truck rental business. See who might be willing to offer some form of discount or compensation for referrals from your property. Keep a list of these businesses to give to residents after they sign the lease. Between having to clean a prior property and move into a new one, it can be quite a tiring ordeal.

The little extra you add to make their life easier when it is at its most difficult may make more of an impact than anything you can do during their whole residency. What other ideas do you have that could give your resident incentives to want to stay at your community?


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