Support your College Residents during Exam Time

If you have college students residing in your community, then you can probably already tell that finals are hot on their heels. Use this opportunity to help show support for your college residents, and gain some valuable feedback as well. You’ll be happy you took the time to help out your millennial renters come August when new students are looking at your community to call home.

Use Common Areas as Study Spaces

Nothing’s worse than going into a final for a class you were unable to study for. While most millennial students typically head to libraries, coffee shops, and their own apartments to study, these places can be crowded, noisy and distracting. Open up your common areas in your community for your college residents. Create a study space by offering free coffee and advertising group study sessions for particular (and usually required) subjects. Not sure what classes to advertise? Pass around a questionnaire during the first open study session to find out, or let your college residents form groups naturally.

Sell Basic School Supplies in your Leasing Office

Amongst all the studying it can be easy to forget to buy test materials. Help your residents avoid extra stress by selling school supplies like scantrons, exam booklets, and pencils in your leasing office. You can even sell energy drinks! Use our Amazon list to easily buy your leasing office’s school supplies, but make sure the test materials you’re selling match up to the materials your local college uses. To attract students to your office and spread awareness of the school supplies on sale, make it your policy to provide free coffee in your leasing office.

Resident Feedback and Referral Program

During your common’s open study hours, and after finals week, is a great time to get some resident feedback. By opening your common area to your college residents, you’re able to test the waters and see what this particular group in your community needs and values. The more appreciative your college residents are, the more likely they’re going to refer other student applicants to your community. Take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing by setting up a referral program. For every applicant that mentions your renter’s name, your renter can get a small amount off next month’s rent or a gift card. This can help you develop a steady stream of college applicants even after your residents have graduated.

While providing your college residents space to study and a source for test materials might not seem like a lot, during finals it’s greatly appreciated. You can throw resident events that aim to relieving stress, but ultimately the majority of your college resident’s time during exams will be spent studying. Later in the year you can cultivate your college group in your community by throwing resident events like college football night. With finals on the horizon, you’d be surprised how much your college residents will appreciate a little peace and quiet.

Does your community have a significant college presence? Do you do anything to cultivate or cater to your college residents? Let us know in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe!

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