Support Your Working Residents this Labor Day

Labor Day is a long-standing holiday that celebrates the working people in our country. According to the Department of Labor, historically, picnics and parades were arranged by independent unions to support labor issues until the central labor union in New York (a coalition of independent unions) proclaimed that September 5th was the official worker’s holiday. Although in recent times, the day has been whittled down to be discounts, sales, and a much needed 3-day weekend, it’s a good opportunity to support the workers in your community and entice new applicants.

Coffee is the Key to Your Working Residents’ Hearts

It’s safe to say that coffee is unofficially the drink of choice for many workers. In fact, USA Today cites that “about 83% of adults drink coffee in the U.S.”. Considering that thousands of people run off multiple cups of coffee a day, providing free coffee to your residents is a good way to support the workers in your community. You can go small, by setting up free coffee stations in your leasing office, or you can make it an event, by passing out free cups of coffee at your community’s entrance right before work. If you’d rather go door to door, you can hand out pre-made cups of coffee or leave a coffee-inspired gift package (complete with disposable cup, instant coffee, and creamer). Use our Amazon list to start compiling the items for your gift packages.

Labor Day Discounts, Raffles, and Incentives

Just because it’s Labor Day weekend, it doesn’t mean potential applicants aren’t still shopping around for a new home. Take this opportunity to attract applicants by offering a Labor Day discount on first month’s rent. Extend the discount for a week and you’ll see significant results. Use gift cards as an incentive for your current residents to refer applicants to your community this Labor Day. You can make it a drawing, where every resident who refers an applicant gets entered into a raffle with one final winner, or give gift cards to every resident who successfully refers a new resident to your community.

Market at Local Labor Day Events

A good way to get your community’s name out there, draw in applicants, and get your residents involved is to sponsor local Labor Day events. While the ease of this will depend on the size of the event, your budget and time restrictions, and the event’s restrictions, if you can set up a booth, you’ll get a lot of local coverage. If you’re unable to tackle sponsorships in your local area, for whatever reason, you can easily encourage your residents to go. Hand out water bottles (with your community’s logo on it) or other branded merchandise to the residents that plan to go to the local event. This will not only make your renters happy, but get your community’s brand out into the local community.

Whether you choose to use these tips in the days leading up to Labor Day or not, it’s important to remember to show your residents that you care. By building relationships (even through something as simple as free coffee or water bottles), you increase the chance they’ll renew their lease and create an even closer-knit community. Have a great Labor Day!

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