Thanksgiving Rental Property Horror Stories

For a lot of families, Thanksgiving is time for togetherness mixed with large amounts of stress. Whether you’re in charge of cooking the turkey or are simply circumnavigating family drama, the added responsibility of managing a rental property during the holiday makes for a unique situation. Take a look at some Thanksgiving-themed rental property horror stories and breathe a sigh of relief that your rental nightmares aren’t quite this bad.

The First Time Cook

There are several different ways to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. This isn’t one of them. A user with the screen name ‘Cmarin17’ took to Reddit to talk about his renter horror story:

“Lady barricades herself in her apartment. Neighbors complain about the smell. We go over there, and need three cops plus maintenance to break in. The smell that hit my nose was the worst thing I’ve ever smelled. They found a raw, thawed turkey that was sitting in the sink for two months. Tenant was alive and living in the apartment. How… I have no idea.”

When you Made Too Much Food

Has there ever been a time where you wished there was less food for Thanksgiving? One reddit user commented:

“I had a tenant remove the kitchen island and bring it outside by the pool because they needed an outdoor serving area.”

At Least They Didn’t Bring Up Politics

Big holidays like Thanksgiving are notorious for digging up family drama. Whether an uncle forgot to bring their side dish or a family member brought up the dreaded politics, user ‘AshiharaNakatsu’ tops most family drama with her story about a squabble between her father and grandmother:

“My dad was a landlord who allowed his mother (who he wasn’t very close with, had a lot of husbands and abandoned him) to rent because she had nowhere to go. She had a wonderful way for words, and she managed to convince my father to let her own 2 of the houses in the apartment. Four years later, she filed a case claiming ownership of the entire apartment. She won the case because my dad’s father (deceased) who owned the apartment was still legally married to her. A few months later our father managed to claim the apartment back because apparently, his mother was legally dead (which was twisted, she filed her name in as officially dead so that she could receive the death pension). Since she’s dead, ownership was given back to my father.”

Escaping from that Post-Thanksgiving Mess

After eating copious amounts of turkey and stuffing, no one wants to volunteer to do the dishes. ‘Shilpdogg’s story might get you out of doing dishes for a little while.

“Dude came in with his family, and then decided to overload the dishwasher till it broke. We had a guy come into check it and he deduced that he needs to replace a part that they broke. It was only online so he told them to wait and not use the dishwasher. I get a call later that night and the kitchen is flooded (they were hardwood floors) and the tenant asks his wife why she used the dishwasher, to which she replied “how am I supposed to wash the dishes? With a hose?” There was a deep sink two feet away from the dishwasher… she flooded the kitchen because she’s never hand washed dishes in a sink.”

When you Finally Take that Long-Awaited Vacation

We all know property managers need some well-deserved vacation time, but what if you had to manage your property mid holiday cruise? Todd Tresidder of Financial Mentor told the Simple Dollar his rental property story:

“Vacations in Hawaii and landlording don’t mix. On one trip I got news that the SWAT team had surrounded my investment apartment complex. Fortunately, no guns were fired and the drug dealer went peacefully. It turned out a long-standing, excellent tenant had a grandson temporarily staying with her and he was a serious bad apple.”

Whether Thanksgiving has got you in a mad rush or you’re excited to start taking advantage of the slower, holiday season, we at CIC™ wish you a well-rested, stress-free Thanksgiving.

What are your rental property horror stories (we know you have some)?


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