Download This Free Rental Housing Daylight Savings Time Checklist

Download a free daylight savings checklist for rental properties

On Sunday, March 11th, the world will spring forward, sacrificing an hour in pursuit of days with more sunlight. As spring is ushered in, Daylight Savings Time is a great opportunity to do some more tedious maintenance on your properties. Take advantage of the slightly warmer weather and make up for that lost hour by safeguarding your property with these simple tasks.

  • Change Your Batteries
    It’s good practice to change the batteries in your smoke detector at the beginning and end of Daylight Savings each year. This simple task could save lives in the event of a fire and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. If your property has carbon monoxide detectors, be sure to change the batteries in those as well.
  • Check Your Fire Extinguishers
    Just like that old mustard in the back of your refrigerator, your fire extinguishers have an expiration date. Take this time to check those dates, and, if expired, dispose of them properly. Don’t forget to replace them!
  • Restock Your First Aid Kit
    No matter where on your property you keep your first aid kit, it’s not much use to you if you don’t keep it fully stocked. Replenish any supplies that you’ve used, and update the kit as needed.
  • Consider Switching to LED Lightbulbs
    LED lightbulbs can save you money, and, if you’re considering switching, Daylight Savings is a great time to change your lightbulbs. This can reduce your electric bill and pays off in the long run. Even if you decide not to change the type of bulbs you use, make sure to check exterior lights and replace those that have burned out or dimmed.
  • Look for Leaks
    The harsh winter weather can leave behind damage to a property, so this is a good time to do an inspection. Look for leaks and any potential water damage, which can cause even more trouble if left untouched.
  • Inspect Your Locks
    The cold weather can take a toll on your locks, and it is in your tenants’ best interest to take a peek at them. Look for jammed or loose locks and doorknobs, as well as rusting. If not taken care of, this could pose as a safety risk for your renters.
  • Update Your Security System
    If you have a security system on your property, make sure that all necessary updates have been done. Also, be sure that the system reflects the time change; otherwise you may find yourself getting calls about a motion detector being set off, when it’s just your tenant moving around their own home.
  • Prepare for Severe Weather
    March marks the beginning of National Weather Service Spring Safety Awareness. While completing tasks around the house, brush up on the types of weather that may affect your area. If possible, weather proof your house in preparation of any impending storms or natural disasters.


Although we’re losing an hour, you can easily make the most of this Daylight Savings Time. Take advantage of this day to do upkeep on your property and fix easy problems for your tenants. Paying attention to the little details will pay off in the long run, and you’ll be thankful you took the time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors.

 Click here to access our free daylight savings time checklist!

Download a free daylight savings checklist for rental properties


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