‘Just Cause’ Eviction Law AB 2925 Moving Quickly in California

A bill that would require California property owners and managers to list a “cause” or reason to evict or terminate a tenancy has been progressing at an alarming rate. Despite being introduced in February, AB 2925 is scheduled to be heard on the Assembly Floor sometime this week. We urge you to review AB 2925, and join industry experts like the California Apartment Association and CIC in opposing it.

UPDATED 6/6/18: AB 2925 has failed.

Introduced by Assembly Member Bonta and Coauthored by Assembly Member Bloom, Chiu and Senator Skinner, AB 2925 would prohibit a property owner or manager from terminating a tenancy (or seeking an eviction to recover possession of a property after the lease expiration date) without a “cause”. The following does not constitute a cause that would legally allow a termination of a tenancy or eviction:

  • A change (or anticipated change) in property ownership
  • A property foreclosure
  • The expiration of a fixed-term lease

Many have fears that AB 2925 would enable tenant attorneys to challenge any termination notice sent to tenants. It also removes terminations for new owners, even if they want to move into the property. As currently written, this bill also fails to list what reasons do qualify a tenancy termination or eviction and relies entirely on local ‘just cause’ eviction ordinances.

Beyond restricting property owners and managers’ ability to terminate a lease, this bill specifically states that it wishes to “encourage or incentivize” cities across California to create their own ‘just cause’ eviction ordinances. Although AB 2925 is moving through the Legislature quickly, it’s still in the early stages. Send your Assemblymember a letter asking them to vote No on AB 2925 here.

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