3 Things your Employment Screening Provider Should Offer

Pre-employment screening safeguards against potential threats to you, your staff, and your company, and it is a great first step to determining whether or not a job applicant is the right fit. Verifying that the employment screening service you’re using is effective is necessary to protecting your workplace assets.  To ensure your provider is screening job applicants to your standards, double check to see if your employment screening provider is doing these 3 vital things.

  1. Criminal Background Checks

First and foremost, your employment screening provider has to be running your job applicants through criminal background checks. If this option isn’t available then you need to strongly consider switching providers now. Make sure your screening service is running both nationwide and county-level criminal searches, and that the databases that they’re using are large and reputable, and pulling from multiple sources.

Additionally, your tenant screening provider should have the ability to search for known aliases, using sources like telecommunication and utility bill records to uncover names, addresses, and dates of birth (even nicknames) to minimize the chance that a job applicant is trying to hide something.

  1. Proper Drug Screening, DMV Record Searches and Other Scans

No job is the same. From entry-level to executive positions, the amount of information researched within a background check should change so as to be appropriate based on the position. According to the Society of Human Resources Management, “53% of all job applications contain inaccurate information.” While verifying if an applicant got their degree might not be a priority for an entry-level administrative assistant position, education verification is paramount for a CEO position. You should not be using the same employment screening standards for all levels of job applicants within your organization. This is especially true for any positions that handles large quantities of money.

If your company has a zero-tolerance drug policy, you should check if your tenant screening provider has drug testing. Dive into the different types of drug testing and decide if the one you’re using is sufficient enough for your company. For example, a 5-panel drug test checks for cocaine, amphetamine/methamphetamine, opiates, PCP, and THC. A 10-panel drug test checks for THC, PCP, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines, barbettes, methadone, propoxyphene, and Quaaludes. Like we said before, no job is the same. If you expect a potential employee will use a company car often, you’ll most likely want to review their driving records before handing them the keys. This not only protects your assets, but your company’s reputation.

  1. Active in Employment Legislation

things your employment screening provider should offer

While this isn’t an extra verification or background check to use, ultimately you want an employment screening provider that cares. Not only do you want A+ customer service, but you’ll want a screening company that is active in state-wide and national legislation. This means getting updates when new employment legislation is proposed or passed, and having a screening provider that is legally up to date. While you might want to write your own adverse action letters, your employment screening provider should have legal notices and resources available for your use. This minimizes your liabilities, and helps you keep on top of the ball.

Whether your employment screening provider checks off all three of these things or not, it’s important to make sure that your screening service is keeping up with your standards. As your company’s first line of defense, your expectations should be high. For more information about CIC™’s employment screening solutions visit https://www.cicreports.com/employment-screening/.


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