5 Property Management Tasks to do Before your Holiday Break

As you start creating your property management to-do list for when you’re on your much needed holiday break, don’t let these five tasks slip your mind. From office closure notices to vendor and owner payments, here are a few essential property management tasks you should do before the holidays.

1. Send out office closure or vacation notifications

Prior to leaving for your holiday vacation, be sure to notify your property owners, staff and suppliers. If your office has specific holiday hours, send out a dedicated ‘Happy Holidays’ email that communicates future office closures and reduced hours. Be mindful of updating your website, property social media, and your Google Business listing hours as well.

While communication with your tenants is key, use discretion when notifying tenants of your vacation time or when the office will be vacant. This is especially important if you’re the only person with access to the property management office during your absence or if you live on-site, as it can become a security risk.

2. Get your emergency plan nailed out

You know how it goes – the moment you leave is oftentimes the moment something goes wrong on your rental properties. While you can never know what will happen, you can prepare an emergency escalation plan to reduce the amount of calls you get on your well-deserved holiday break.

Let your tenants know where to put their workorders and who to contact if they have a workorder that needs immediate attention. Ideally, this process will align with your current workorder process. Leave your emergency contact information to whoever is filling in for you should they need to contact you. Information you’ll want to leave your fill-in:

  • Simple instructions on how to manage workorders if they’re contacted
  • What vendors (plumbers, electricians, etc.) to contact in case of an emergency
  • A list of property rules

3. Make sure owners and suppliers will get paid

Keep in mind the dates in which you’ll be absent! If the holiday is at the end or beginning of the month, make sure you either pay your owner and suppliers ahead of time or have someone else within the office do it for you. If you’re able to do it yourself (assuming you’re on a cloud-based property management software), check to see if you’ll have secure computer and internet access while on your holiday break or vacation.

4. Ramp up the security reminders

Making sure your rental properties are safe during the holidays is a big part of your job, and keeping a look out for unusual activity can be difficult while you’re not around. Ensure your stand-in knows your property’s rules – from your property’s and city’s ruling on fireworks to outdoor BBQing. Remind your residents of your overnight guest policies (especially if visitor parking passes are required). Utilize the U.S. Fire Administration’s free digital and printable handouts and posters on holiday fire safety leading up to the holidays.

While you might not have the time at the moment to do a full property security audit for the holidays, you might want to make that an action item for the New Year.

5. Tidy up and get prepared for when you return

Ready for the holidays? Not so fast. Before you go, make sure your workspace is tidy and secure. In order to protect your renters’ information, check to see if you have any of the following in an unlocked, unsecured location:

  • Applicant credit and background reports
  • Rent checks
  • Renter contact information or files
  • Any logins or passwords

Be sure to properly destroy information you don’t need anymore using a cross-cut shredder and securely lock documents you do need in a filing cabinet. It’s also a good idea to fully shut down your computer and log out of any accounts that would give an outsider access to sensitive information.

If you find you have a little time before you go, give yourself a fresh start for when you get back with our email inbox organizational resource. You can also plan for next year’s property management goals here.

By sending holiday notifications, nailing out your emergency plan, ensuring the right people are getting paid, reminding your tenants of good security measures, and tidying up your office, you’ll all set for your holiday vacation! Now that you’ve got your property management tasks down, you can freely focus on your holiday break with no worries. Happy holidays!

What's on your property management task list?

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