California’s New AB 60 Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants

Property Managers can expect to see a new form of identification from California residents with the implementation of Assembly Bill 60, which took effect January 2, 2015. The law permits undocumented immigrants who successfully demonstrate proof of identity and California residency to obtain a driver’s license upon successfully passing the vision, written and behind-the-wheel testing requirements.

According to Artemio Armenta, a representative from the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ Office of Public Affairs, the DMV anticipates that more than one million individuals will step forward to obtain a California state driver’s license under AB 60.

The license will look similar to the traditional California license; however “FEDERAL LIMITS APPLY” is noted on both the front and back.  This identification is not accepted for TSA screening, entrance into restricted federal facilities or to verify identity to federal law enforcement officers.

“The law itself really gives the protection that applicants cannot be discriminated against for having a license under AB 60 and there are two Assembly Bills that address this. Assembly Bill 60 is the actual law that gives the California DMV authority to issue the licenses, but the accompanying piece of legislation is Assembly Bill 1660 that also has added protections for people with a driver’s license as a part of AB 60,” stated Armenta.

Under AB 60, it is illegal in California to discriminate against an individual based on the type of license he or she carries. This extends to landlords, businesses, non-federal government agencies and officials or any program or activity that receives California state funding.

“Apartment managers, landlords and leasing staff may be leery of accepting an AB 60 driver license, however, in addition to the law making it illegal to discriminate based on the type of license an individual carries, each applicant must provide satisfactory proof of identity and California residency. This is not a free ticket to a false identity,” said Caryn Bennett, CIC compliance manager.

For more information about AB 60 and the additional protections of individuals who obtain a license under this California state law under AB 1660, please visit

By: Laura Mowry

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