The 5 P’s of Apartment Facebooking

While there are plenty of ways around being involved in social media for business, having an apartment Facebook is one of the easiest ways to communicate with people on a different level. As of March of 2012, more than 105 Million people in the U.S. are daily users of the site¹. As of last year, the National Multi-Housing Council released that there are just over 40 Million renter occupied homes in the U.S.². Clearly, this is a site that can benefit you as a manager looking for new tenants and longer resident retention – follow these 5 guidelines and you should have a respective following in no time!

  1. Pages: A page is a great place to stay organized and let new residents and prospects get a feel for how your property operates over time.
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    for a great tutorial on setting up a Facebook page
  2. Professionalism: Facebook can be a great place to talk with people on a personal level since they often share a lot of personal insights, but when representing a brand – be cautious. While it would be appropriate to congratulate a tenant on a big accomplishment, commenting on their photo album of a party weekend in Vegas could cross some boundaries.
  3. Photos: A Facebook page is a great way to show potential renters the perks of your property. Add an album or two of what some of your vacant units look like and throw in a section in your advertisements about all a future resident can find by going to your page. If your community has any special events or active residents that like to bbq by the pool and don’t mind their photo being used, add it to the page. It gives a great, real life look at what it is like to live in your community.
  4. Promote: Does your property have upcoming plans? An event? Construction? Post it to your page and gain feedback from your residents. If it is something important that they have time to plan for then give a reminder every couple of days until the event. Ask them to share the information as well – statistically, more people are likely to share a link when they are simply asked to.
  5. Post Regularly: If you want to be successful you need to stay on top of communicating. Post content even if it is an inspirational quote every morning. Keep your presence known and give some variation to your topics so you don’t become a one-note annoyance. You don’t want to overload people with content, but you don’t want to be forgotten and ignore them either.

What are some other points you have found that work for your community? Share them in the comments below.

¹ Facebook User Statistics

² NMHC 2011 Statistics

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