ApplyConnect Delivers Comprehensive Tenant Screening to Association of Realtors and Offers a Revenue Share


CIC, the nation’s premier tenant screening provider for the multifamily housing industry, announced today an opportunity for Associations of Realtors to earn a monthly revenue share from ApplyConnect tenant screening reports. This mutually beneficial marketing partnership makes it easy to earn a passive source of revenue for the association while providing a valuable service to its membership and protecting their clients’ rental properties.

ApplyConnect delivers an all-inclusive report at no cost to association of realtors and agents. The rental applicant pays only $28.50 and simply agrees to have Experian® share their credit profile online, along with CIC’s criminal and eviction information directly with the property’s agent. Each month a portion of the report price is returned as a royalty to support their association.

The marketing program is free and each real estate association receives a unique co-branded website and a custom marketing kit, promoting a turn-key rental credit check service to its membership. For real estate agents there are no setup fees, no contract, no onsite inspections, and no bills to pay. ApplyConnect registration is instant and free.

ApplyConnect combines CIC’s industry-leading tenant background check with a complete Experian credit report and VantageScore 3.0® scoring model. This scoring model uses 24 months of data from utilities, rent and telephone companies to generate a score for 25 to 30 million consumers who have thin or unscorable consumer credit files, when compared to other scoring models, such as FICO®.

Each tenant screening report also includes a nationwide criminal records search, sex offender registry, and a nationwide eviction history provided by the most comprehensive eviction records database in the U.S. with more than 36 million records, updated daily. ApplyConnect ensures that real estate agents have access to the same comprehensive tenant screening solutions as full scale property management companies.

Easy to use and available 24/7, ApplyConnect offers real estate agents an online system, which can be securely conducted from mobile and tablet platforms. The entire tenant screening process can be completed on-the-go, giving agents everything they need to make an informed rental decision about a potential tenant.

Often real estate agents assist in the selection process for rental properties, but do not always have direct access to a screening report. ApplyConnect not only delivers comprehensive tenant screening, but it provides it at no cost to agents while financially benefiting their Association.

For more information about ApplyConnect’s revenue share program, visit CIC’s website.

About CIC

Founded in 1986, CIC is a leading nationwide provider of data solutions for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), property managers, housing authorities, apartment associations, real estate agents and independent rental owners throughout the U.S. For nearly three decades, CIC has leveraged the use of technology to deliver the most reliable and comprehensive information to clients, and continues to do so, today. By delivering quality affordable data solutions to the multifamily housing industry, CIC is proud to provide clients with applicant information they can trust giving them The Power of Decision. For more information about CIC’s solutions including tenant screening, employment screening, wholesale data, screening platforms and property management tools & software, please visit or call 888-316-4242.

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