Four Ways to Attract Renters to Your Vacancy

You have a great community and now you’re looking to attract the perfect renters by creating a quality listing. The best way to draw potential renters is to visualize your listing as their future home.

Here are some helpful tips to make your vacancy stand out from the rest and attract responsible, trustworthy renters.

1. Prepare the Vacancy
Giving the inside of the vacancy a deep cleaning, adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls and taking the time to prepare the outside of your residence can help it attract great renters. Remember, first impressions are everything and if you want to attract great renters, you will want to leave them with a positive experience by demonstrating that you take care of the residence. Repairs, cleaning and tidying both inside and outside should be completed by the time you advertise the vacancy.Interior Photo 1

2. A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Taking photographs will show renters what sets your vacancy apart from the rest of the competition. It is a good idea to take a variety of photos and if possible, a virtual tour or video of the layout. Advertisements should include an exterior photo from the road looking at the residence and do not hesitate to use angles to accent unique features. Highlight landscaping, planted flowers and community amenities. Photos inside should help gauge the size and layout of the floor plan. You may want to consider using tools such as state of the art 3D floor plans offered by industry leaders such as 365 Connect. This can help enhance your online, print and syndication marketing materials by providing prospective renters with a realistic view of the property from every angle. Capture what sets you apart; whatever it is, this is the time to flaunt it! While you do not want to include too many photos, make sure you have enough to give the prospective renters a thorough look at how special your residence is. Studies have shown by including at least six photos, the marketability of your residence dramatically increases.

3. Words are Powerful in the Advertisement
Now, it is time to create content for the listing. A majority of advertisements look and sound the same, so this is an opportunity for you to stand out by writing engaging content. Rather than just listing the basic features, try to use descriptive words that paint a picture for the reader. Does the property have stunning views? Tell the reader. Rather than just casually mentioning the number of bedrooms, try describing a charming, yet expansive master suite. Location is also important. If your community is located in a sought after neighborhood or is close to the city – tell the reader. Brag about your community! If there are updates throughout the property, provide details that can help potential renters get excited about the property such as great enhancements to amenities, or recent upgrades to the available unit. Then, make sure to include the photos and videos you took previously to add visual power to your words.

4. Generating Positive Online Reviews
Reach out to renters and get their feedback about your community. Generating positive reviews on your website and throughout the web can help attract more prospective renters, as customer testimonials are highly influential. Yelp® reviews are particularly helpful as the company does not have control over the testimonials. It allows a public forum for both positive and negative reviews – providing a fair, neutral source for prospective tenants to see what current renters enjoy about your properties. Encourage current residents to submit reviews online through your website, social media, in-person and through additional online sites such as Yelp and Google+. Any negative comments provide opportunities for you to help fix the situation and have the customer leave a follow-up review that is more positive.

Once you have attracted great applicants, it is time to complete the tenant screening process. CIC has an extensive list of affordable solutions to help. As the nation’s most reliable tenant screening provider to the multifamily housing industry, CIC welcomes the opportunity to help increase your net operating income and help reduce your turnover rates. To learn more visit

By: Laura Mowry

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