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Holiday Tips for Traveling Property Managers

Whether you’re taking a staycation or traveling to the Bahamas, well-anticipated holiday vacations can take over your brain and make you forget important rental property tasks. Before you go, make sure you double check you have these security, renter notice, and replacement preparations done. Security, Security, Security While it’s unlikely that anyone will access your

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Transition through Daylight Savings Time with our Property Checklist

With the end of Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, November 4th, it’s time to jump-start the workweek refreshed. With the exception of Arizona and Hawaii, rental properties across the nation will need to set their clocks back. Worried you’ll miss something? Take advantage of our handy Daylight Savings Time checklist to help remind you (and

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A Guide to California’s Proposition 10: Rent Control

The 2018 elections officially begin this week as Californians start receiving their vote-by-mail ballots. With rent control at the center of this year’s legislative debate, the statewide rent control measure, Proposition 10, has made waves amongst rental housing professionals and tenant’s rights activists. Before you hit the polls in November, take some time to consider

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