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The Battle Cry of Recent Rent Protections: What You Need to Know

From the battle cries of a rent strike to outright banning evictions, the response to renters’ rights during the pandemic has varied depending on what area your rental property is located. On the extreme end of COVID-19 related housing responses, California legislators have proposed a bill that could reduce rent by 25% and halt evictions

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Weekly Credit Reports Now Free for a Year

We all know how important credit reports are (and if you don’t – the answer is very). Whether you’re buying a car, a house, applying for a loan, or trying to rent, credit reports are currently the most objective way to determine if someone is money savvy or a financial gamble. In great news, Experian,

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How to Prevent More Wear and Tear and Brighten your Residents’ Day

Stay at home orders have kept renters bored, stir-crazy, and looking for something to do. While your usual amenities might not be safe for social distancing, you can still use resident events and resources to boost morale and increase potential retention rates. Plus, a little fun might look good on your property’s social media accounts

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What We Think the Next Protected Class will Be

Criminal records for rental decisions have become increasingly restricted over the past few years, and those efforts could be accelerated. As many local and state prisons and jails have released prisoners early during the coronavirus pandemic, there are concerns post-COVID that those previously incarcerated could become a protected class. As a protected class, resident screening

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You Don’t Have to Fear Criminals Released Early

From Ohio to Alaska, several local and state governments have considered releasing non-violent criminals early to avoid catastrophic coronavirus outbreaks in local prisons and jails… and some areas already have. While not every state has fast-tracked releases, with some areas choosing to lower bails for misdemeanors or encourage their police force to ease up on

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What to Do if your Applicant is Under House Arrest

Federal prisons have been fast-tracking inmate assessments for home confinement, but what if where they call home is in a rental unit? Do your renters have to tell you if their new roommate is under house arrest? Will the background report pick up on that? As you grapple with these crazy times, we’ve answered all

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What You Need to Know About Prison Home Confinements and Rental Housing

Federal and state prisons are considering granting susceptible inmates early release in an effort to avoid major coronavirus outbreaks – and some already have. While many U.S. states were at the forefront of releasing nonviolent (often older) inmates early, the U.S. Attorney General issued his own order last Friday granting those eligible the option of

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Need-to-Know Eviction Guidance Among COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the nation in the past few weeks, state and local governments have responded to the threat of mass evictions in varying ways. Unfortunately, outside of HUD housing, there is currently no nationwide rental housing guidance on how to handle the financial fallout from renters unable to pay rent due

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Should You Monitor Employees with Vehicle Trackers?

GPS vehicle trackers can be an effective tool for monitoring the efficiency and productivity of your property-management operations, but there are a few things to consider before you start tracking your employees’ movements. Monitoring company vehicles and staff are completely within an employer’s legal right. Doing so has several advantages that can ultimately help staff

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Get Ready to Handle the Worst Time Shift of the Year

Springtime means so many wonderful things. The trees are blossoming, flowers are blooming, bees are attacking anything sugary, and the time change will make us lose an entire hour of precious sleep. While all our night owls may hiss at the sunlight creeping through the bedroom curtains earlier, on March 8th, 2020, those rays are

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