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Things Can Go Badly with Bright-Line Standards

Bright-line rules and standards were created with a ‘simple’ goal that often leads to more harm than good. The idea is to draw a hard line of good or bad, acceptable or not, but often leaves out the difficult situations people often find themselves in. While the idea of ‘equal punishment for the same act’

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FICO and Background Check Trends You Need to Know

CIC has released credit, criminal and eviction data trends from 2019’s second quarter, April through June. The analysis has revealed that for the most part, tenants’ FICO score has trended upwards as expected. CIC’s quarterly data analysis highlights the number of rental applicants that have criminal and eviction records on their tenant background checks, as

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Are Emotional Support Animals Protected by ADA?

In February 2019, there was a so-called “epidemic” of emotional support animals in the United States. The relatively new idea did not sprout in popular culture but surge, taking quick advantage of popular cultures tenuous understanding of mental health and the desire to keep Fido at one’s side. Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are real and

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