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Is Facebook Disregarding the Fair Housing Act?

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has filed a complaint against social media giant Facebook. The company is allegedly allowing advertisers on their site to be discriminatory with options that violate and target the seven protected classes. As these practices have been brought to light, an investigation into whether they are violating

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Fair Housing Law: What You Need to Know

If you’re working in the rental housing industry, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the Fair Housing Act (FHA). While you may think that it’s just a piece of legislation that prevents bias of the seven protected classes (race, color, religion, disability, sex, familial class, and national origin), there’s much more to it than

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Your Favorite TV Show Property Managers Can Help You Manage Rental Properties

In the era of ‘Netflix and Chill’ and the binge watch, it’s safe to say that most people are enjoying their television. With so much content out there you don’t have to go far to find representation, and property managers are no exception. While television property managers may be a little quirky, there are some good lessons that can be learned from them.

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Rental Housing Tips to Attract College Students for the Fall Semester

Although we all wish that summer would last a little longer, the season is steadily coming to a close. School supplies are starting to fill the aisles of every store, and the inevitable return to the normalcy of the academic year is looming. For property managers, this presents an opportunity to market to a specific kind of renter, and possibly fill some vacant properties you may have sitting. College students are taking this time to finalize their living arrangements, and your property could be just what they’re looking for. Take advantage of this new pool of renters by tailoring your marketing strategy to attract students.

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3 Tenant Rules You Should Have in Your Rental Property

Everywhere you go, there are rules. Whether you’re at home or school or the mall, there are guidelines in place that people are expected to follow when present. Our society is structured around rules, and, without them, it wouldn’t be able to function. Your property is no different; when you allow a tenant to fill your vacancy, you expect them to pay the rent on time and respect your property in return. Everyone has their own rules for their rental, but consider these three popular rules.

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