Boost Revenue for your Company by Partnering Up with ApplyConnect®

Increase your monthly revenue stream easily with ApplyConnect®’s amazing partner program. Through our revenue share program, you’ll be able to offer quality tenant screening to your clients and website visitors while earning a percentage of all reports processed through your unique site. No minimum requirements; no programming costs; ApplyConnect® is simply offering a win-win partnership that provides a useful tool for landlords and real estate agents.

Beyond the effortless setup—zero membership fees, no required programming or setup costs—the ApplyConnect® partnership provides a lot of benefits.

✓ Monthly Revenue

Royalty checks are paid each month by partnering up with ApplyConnect®. With our revenue share program, you’ll earn a percentage of each report completed by renters who got setup through your co-branded tenant screening website. ApplyConnect®’s commission percentage is one of the highest in our industry.

✓ Zero Liabilities

We know you’re busy, that’s why ApplyConnect® manages 100% of consumer relations and technical support. All questions are automatically directed to us and we take care of it, at no cost to you.

applyconnect tenant screening✓ Easy Setup Package

After completing our simple marketing partnership agreement, we’ll send you all the tools you need for free. This includes a co-branded portal with a custom website address, and a marketing kit with artwork and resources. With no programming, maintenance, or hidden fees, getting started is effortless.

✓ Best-in-Class Data

ApplyConnect® is known for our outstanding data, and your clients will recognize it too. Each ApplyConnect® report is created using an Experian credit report with the bureau’s VantageScore 3.0, as well as nationwide eviction history and criminal background check that includes registered sex offenders. With 30 years of industry experience and proprietary technology, we’re confident your clients will receive the best data available.

✓ Top Tier Security

When it comes to security, we’ve got you covered. ApplyConnect® maintains Level 1 Experian Independent 3rd Party Assessment (EI3PA) certification. Additionally, we carry comprehensive data breach, E&O and Cyber insurance. To protect your client’s consumers, we purposely mask sensitive data like social security numbers when the report becomes available and our Experian verification tools make sure the credit report is in the right hands.

Give your clients the ability to perform easy, fast, and reliable tenant screening by partnering up with ApplyConnect®. Getting started takes just a few minutes, so why wait? Take advantage of this unique opportunity by contacting ApplyConnect® now. Click here for more information.

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