It’s Time for the Last Legislative Update of 2020

It’s been a wild year for rental housing legislation. Last year everyone was worried about emotional support animal laws, rent price ceilings, and even criminal history limitations. It seems like so long ago that New York banned criminal background checks. The new year hit with a bang and instead of all those things that plagued

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Can You Ask Someone Why They Lost Their Job in 2020?

When looking through piles of resumes, searching for the perfect person to fit your team, you have an image in your mind. They are experienced: specifically, someone who has worked in the rental housing industry before. They have a driver’s license, so they can get to all the properties with relative ease. They’re energetic, with

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woman grocery shopping with a mask on

How Do You Stop Neighbors from Fighting Over Who’s Right in the Mask Debate?

For the time being, masks do not seem like they are going anywhere. While COVID-19 isn’t precisely airborne, that doesn’t stop the virus from spreading each time that our lungs exhale. The moisture droplets from our mouths and chest cavity help the germs spread across surfaces and from there, to other people who can be

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Illustrated woman covering ears from news

Rental Housing Laws That’ll Make You Sweat

Over the past few years, we’ve seen state legislators turn up the heat when it comes to proposing and passing new landlord-tenant laws and credit reporting regulations. While prior years have been focused on ban-the-box, criminal screening restrictions, and rent control, this year’s big debate is unsurprisingly how to deal with COVID-19 related unpaid rent

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policies preventing Virus

COVID Policies Renters Want Apartments to Keep

While change is inevitable, certain unexpected circumstances can sometimes propel us into the future, whether we’re ready or not. The advent of COVID-19 has brought about the need to move many traditional procedures into the digital age to protect landlords and residents’ health and safety. For some, navigating these new policies requires adjusting to a

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