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How to Evict a Tenant: The A to Z of the Eviction Process

Unfortunately, evictions are a costly risk when owning or managing a rental property. While some tenants vacate after a simple eviction notice, others require your local courts and the aid of the sheriff’s department. Regardless of the situation you have with your troublesome tenants, take some time to review everything you need to know about

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Tenants with Criminal Records are 20% of Rental Background Checks

CIC has released a criminal, eviction, and credit report for September through December, 2018. Highlighting the number of rental applicants that have criminal and eviction records on their tenant background checks, as well as the average FICO credit score, CIC’s quarterly data analysis shows that the applicants that are applying to your rental properties have

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Transition through Daylight Savings Time with our Property Checklist

With the end of Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, November 4th, it’s time to jump-start the workweek refreshed. With the exception of Arizona and Hawaii, rental properties across the nation will need to set their clocks back. Worried you’ll miss something? Take advantage of our handy Daylight Savings Time checklist to help remind you (and

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3 Tenant Rules You Should Have in Your Rental Property

Everywhere you go, there are rules. Whether you’re at home or school or the mall, there are guidelines in place that people are expected to follow when present. Our society is structured around rules, and, without them, it wouldn’t be able to function. Your property is no different; when you allow a tenant to fill your vacancy, you expect them to pay the rent on time and respect your property in return. Everyone has their own rules for their rental, but consider these three popular rules.

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The Top 5 Rental Property Incentives Residents Want

As a property manager you work hard to look after your community and make it the best that it can be, so it would make sense for you to want applicants to like it as well. Many question what attracts residents to a property, and what one may lack in times of vacancy. With so many competitors out there, it makes you wonder what it is that pulls a potential renter to one property over another. Maybe it’s the types of incentives you offer that residents are looking for?

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Celebrate National Pet Day with Our Infographic

In this day and age, pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. People understandably love their pets everyday of the year, but, every April 11th, we set aside a day to really go above and beyond to show our furry friends just how much we care. National Pet Day is a day to turn your attention to your pets, as well as other animals in need or extra care or attention. You love your pets, just as your residents love theirs. Take advantage of this holiday to appreciate your furry friends and encourage your renters to do the same.

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