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The Difference Between SSN and TIN (Infographic)

For property managers who work with tenant screening applicants regularly, you are bound to run into people who don’t have a social security number (SSN). This can sometimes complicate the process when needed to review their credit history in order to make an informed decision. Many applicants may offer to use a Tax Identification Number (TIN) instead, but how can this affect your screening process? Use this helpful infographic to learn about the similarities and differences between SSN and TIN.

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Preparing your Rentals for Fire Season

If you live in a dry climate, or somewhere prone to wildfires during Summer, then you know all too well about fire season. While reviewing your rental community’s fire safety procedures will add a little extra work, in the end it can keep your community safe. Wildfires are no joke; we’ve all heard of families losing everything from fires, flames jumping over freeways and people narrowly escaping burning structures. However, most of the time we don’t realize how significant fire safety is until the air feels thick, the sky is burnt orange, and the flames are right outside our doors. It’s a confusing and terrifying experience that can be avoided by spending a little extra time going over fire safety procedures.

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Myths and Facts about Criminal Records

You’ve gotten your potential tenant’s background check and stop mid-way to look it over. As you quickly glance at the clock in the corner of your desktop, you figure you can push lunch-time back just a few more minutes to get this taken care of. You absentmindedly gulp down your lukewarm coffee as your eyes skim the remainder of the report, mentally weighing whether to approve or deny this applicant. But as you see the criminal hits, you immediately question this applicant. If this has happened to you, you’re not the only one.
While criminal records may seem pretty straight-forward, there are a lot of common myths. From questions about “how far back can I check?”, “does this cover every jurisdiction?” to “should I automatically deny someone with a felony?” test your knowledge.  Here are some common myths about criminal records.

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cic announcements

CIC Expands the Nation’s Largest Proprietary Eviction Database

Property Management Companies, SaaS Providers, Independent Owners and Consumer Reporting Agencies can see improved eviction reporting.
CIC, the nation’s leading provider of nationwide eviction coverage to the multifamily housing industry is pleased to announce expansions to their database for property management companies, software companies, data resellers and independent owners. With three decades of industry-leading experience, CIC’s data quality is second to none and with the recently expanded coverage, clients easily prevent consequences of failing to identify high-risk applicants.
CIC provides the most comprehensive nationwide eviction coverage, and in the last few months have extracted additional county records within the states of:

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employee background checks

Could Your Dress Code for Leasing Agents be Discriminatory?

Lawsuits and media attention over applicants who were discriminated against are becoming more frequent and some companies are finding themselves in hot water. There are several areas receiving more attention such as sexual orientation and lifestyle, and it may be time for your company to conduct a policy language “check-up”.
It is important to remove any personal biases that could potentially interfere with the hiring process. The popular clothing chain, Abercrombie and Fitch experienced the consequences of failing to adhere to the law.

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