Multifamily Legislation

Let’s Rewind: What Do You Need To Know About Eviction Public Records

Whether you’re a rental property owner looking over their applicant’s consumer report or a bank using public records to gauge landlord mortgage rates, it’s important to understand eviction record basics. What’s the difference between filing for an eviction versus an eviction record? How do you know if an eviction database is right for your study

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Sound the Alarm! Michigan & California Create New Court Record Rules

Second to your name, your date of birth is one of the most important pieces of identifying information… and the state of Michigan (among many counties in California) wants to remove it from all of their public records. These new court record rules, which hide the date of birth from public criminal databases, diminishes the

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CIC Announces ADA Website Update to Help Those with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act has been around since 1990, but has always been changing. With new technology comes new understanding. Everyone has very different needs, and there are always new ways to approach those needs to help out our customers and consumers. We’re proud to say that CIC now has brand new accessibility adjustments

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How is the Year Going? The Latest Eviction and Criminal Data Analysis Is Here to Tell

What’s in this Article: From January through March, many applicants had an eviction record. As eviction moratoriums end, pro-tenant legislation could threaten data use. This quarter, criminal hits on background reports have dropped slightly. The dip could mean 2 things. CIC has released the data analysis regarding both eviction and criminal hits for the first

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face mask over eviction notice

CFPB Rule Holds Debt Collectors Accountable Regarding Illegal Evictions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has officially backed up the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) eviction moratorium. The CDC’s moratorium was recently extended through June 30th, making the entire thing last over a year long. With over nine million families having overdue rent, some rental property owners have been struggling to find ways to

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