Property Management Tips

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How to Have Safe Property Inspections During a Pandemic

During a pandemic, we have to take precautions with property inspections.  While residents still need to move during these times, it’s business as usual.  Move-in/Move out inspections is a good practice for both parties.  When a renter moves out, and there is not an existing Move-in/Move-out property inspection checklist with photos, there can be a

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The Best Rental Criteria Have These 5 Factors in Common

Rental housing laws surrounding your application, resident screening, and the decision process are constantly evolving, and it can be tough to keep up. While the leasing process has grown to become time-consuming and complex, it’s vital that you not only establish written rental criteria but update it annually to adapt to the changing multifamily housing

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Ringing a Doorbell

How to Check and See if Your Residents are Okay in the Crisis

There are countless ways to be a good property manager. You can have timely repair services, great community communication, or welcome baskets and holiday presents. Perhaps you have delightful pet policies with furry friends abound. Right now, checking in on your renters and being considerate of the effects of the current coronavirus pandemic, wins you

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Unemployment Rate

Does Unemployment Count as Income in Rental Housing?

The multifamily housing industry often feels the ripples of economic change in a direct way. Move outs, unpaid rent, late notices, subletters or roommates, and even evictions can have unintended consequences to long-term unemployment. With most businesses shuttered, many renters are facing financial insecurity due to the coronavirus pandemic. As of this writing, over 36

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