Rental Housing Trends

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CFPB Rule Holds Debt Collectors Accountable Regarding Illegal Evictions

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has officially backed up the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) eviction moratorium. The CDC’s moratorium was recently extended through June 30th, making the entire thing last over a year long. With over nine million families having overdue rent, some rental property owners have been struggling to find ways to

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The Grass Is Always Greener and That’s Why They’re Moving. Are You Prepared for Marijuana Migration?

The term ‘Great Migration’ has been a popular turn of phrase since 1916 when large groups of African Americans made their way out of the rural South United States. Since then, great migrations have come to mean that of a similar idea, when groups of people pick up from or head to specific points at

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It’s Time for the Last Legislative Update of 2020

It’s been a wild year for rental housing legislation. Last year everyone was worried about emotional support animal laws, rent price ceilings, and even criminal history limitations. It seems like so long ago that New York banned criminal background checks. The new year hit with a bang and instead of all those things that plagued

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Zodiac Housing Discrimination is More Common Than You Think

In this industry, we’re always trying to figure out more about our renters. From analyzing the next generation of renters, to connecting with applicants on the latest social media platforms, to investing in AI, we’re constantly looking for new ways to attract the best residents to our properties. But when does the desire to know

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Rental Housing Laws That’ll Make You Sweat

Over the past few years, we’ve seen state legislators turn up the heat when it comes to proposing and passing new landlord-tenant laws and credit reporting regulations. While prior years have been focused on ban-the-box, criminal screening restrictions, and rent control, this year’s big debate is unsurprisingly how to deal with COVID-19 related unpaid rent

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The Battle Cry of Recent Rent Protections: What You Need to Know

From the battle cries of a rent strike to outright banning evictions, the response to renters’ rights during the pandemic has varied depending on what area your rental property is located. On the extreme end of COVID-19 related housing responses, California legislators have proposed a bill that could reduce rent by 25% and halt evictions

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What We Think the Next Protected Class will Be

Criminal records for rental decisions have become increasingly restricted over the past few years, and those efforts could be accelerated. As many local and state prisons and jails have released prisoners early during the coronavirus pandemic, there are concerns post-COVID that those previously incarcerated could become a protected class. As a protected class, resident screening

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