Rental Housing Trends

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The Battle Cry of Recent Rent Protections: What You Need to Know

From the battle cries of a rent strike to outright banning evictions, the response to renters’ rights during the pandemic has varied depending on what area your rental property is located. On the extreme end of COVID-19 related housing responses, California legislators have proposed a bill that could reduce rent by 25% and halt evictions

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What We Think the Next Protected Class will Be

Criminal records for rental decisions have become increasingly restricted over the past few years, and those efforts could be accelerated. As many local and state prisons and jails have released prisoners early during the coronavirus pandemic, there are concerns post-COVID that those previously incarcerated could become a protected class. As a protected class, resident screening

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You Don’t Have to Fear Criminals Released Early

From Ohio to Alaska, several local and state governments have considered releasing non-violent criminals early to avoid catastrophic coronavirus outbreaks in local prisons and jails… and some areas already have. While not every state has fast-tracked releases, with some areas choosing to lower bails for misdemeanors or encourage their police force to ease up on

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What You Need to Know About Prison Home Confinements and Rental Housing

Federal and state prisons are considering granting susceptible inmates early release in an effort to avoid major coronavirus outbreaks – and some already have. While many U.S. states were at the forefront of releasing nonviolent (often older) inmates early, the U.S. Attorney General issued his own order last Friday granting those eligible the option of

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First Come, First Served Rental Housing Spreads to Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon’s massive Fair Access in Renting (FAIR) ordinances have officially gone into effect on March 1st. Passing in June 2019, the FAIR ordinances cover everything from rental application and security deposit procedures to rental listing rules and applicant screening. Buckle up, because you’re not going to believe these intense, uniquely Portlandia laws. Please note

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Renter FICO Scores Dropped, but it’s Not the Time To Worry

CIC has released credit, criminal and eviction data trends from 2019’s final quarter, October through December. The quarterly data analysis highlights the number of rental applicants that have criminal and eviction records on their tenant background checks, as well as the average FICO credit score. The analysis showed that, for the most part, many tenants

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2019’s Rental Housing Laws: What You Need to Know

2019 turned the rental housing industry upside down – with rent caps, stricter tenant screening regulations, and increased tenants’ rights – and set precedent for the decade’s next rental housing laws. While we’ve seen rental housing trends rise and fall (remember the micro-apartment phase?), 2019’s new laws made waves so big we’ll likely see similar

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