Tenant Screening

Snag Today’s Renters, No Matter What Generation They Are

Marketing your rental property to potential rental applicants is tricky enough, but marketing to a particular generation of renters can be even trickier. As times change, the needs and wants of renters can shift, and what you think might be a selling point on your property could prove to be the opposite. Take a look

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Boost Revenue for your Company by Partnering Up with ApplyConnect®

Increase your monthly revenue stream easily with ApplyConnect®’s amazing partner program. Through our revenue share program, you’ll be able to offer quality tenant screening to your clients and website visitors while earning a percentage of all reports processed through your unique site. No minimum requirements; no programming costs; ApplyConnect® is simply offering a win-win partnership that provides a useful tool for landlords and real estate agents.
Beyond the effortless setup—zero membership fees, no required programming or setup costs—the ApplyConnect® partnership provides a lot of benefits.

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The Difference Between SSN and TIN (Infographic)

For property managers who work with tenant screening applicants regularly, you are bound to run into people who don’t have a social security number (SSN). This can sometimes complicate the process when needed to review their credit history in order to make an informed decision. Many applicants may offer to use a Tax Identification Number (TIN) instead, but how can this affect your screening process? Use this helpful infographic to learn about the similarities and differences between SSN and TIN.

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How Your Competition is Filling their Rental Vacancies Faster – Automated Decision Model

As a property manager you have a lot on your plate. In addition to your everyday tasks, you’re constantly under the pressure that an applicant might potentially be upset over being denied and who will try to find something illegal about your rental policy. A customized decision model erases any assumptions that your rental policy might be based on subjective and discriminatory factors. By taking advantage of automated decisions on your tenant screening reports, you have the ability to expedite your approval process while demonstrating a consistent rental policy to applicants.
That being said, the big question is: what exactly is a decision model?

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Tenant Screening Tips

ApplyConnect Delivers Comprehensive Tenant Screening to Association of Realtors and Offers a Revenue Share

CIC, the nation’s premier tenant screening provider for the multifamily housing industry, announced today an opportunity for Associations of Realtors to earn a monthly revenue share from ApplyConnect tenant screening reports. This mutually beneficial marketing partnership makes it easy to earn a passive source of revenue for the association while providing a valuable service to its membership and protecting their clients’ rental properties.

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