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In this day and age, pets are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. People understandably love their pets everyday of the year, but, every April 11th, we set aside a day to really go above and beyond to show our furry friends just how much we care. National Pet Day is a day to turn your attention to your pets, as well as other animals in need or extra care or attention. You love your pets, just as your residents love theirs. Take advantage of this holiday to appreciate your furry friends and encourage your renters to do the same.

One important aspect of National Pet Day is promoting adoptions over shopping at pet stores. While it may seem like an issue that property managers can’t do anything about, every effort counts. Consider offering a free month of pet rent if a resident’s new pet was adopted from a shelter. You could also alert renters to the most animal friendly businesses in the area, especially those who support local shelters with donations. Some businesses even hand out coupon books for pet supplies, which you could pass onto your residents.

This holiday is a great day to show your residents that you care by catering to their pets. While the gesture you make doesn’t have to be overly grand, any effort you make will be appreciated. Send your residents with pets a small bag of dog treats or a cat toy with a thoughtful note. Your residents love their pets, and they’ll appreciate the fact that you do too. After all, they do open you up to a whole new revenue stream.

Engaging pet owner residents is generally a good idea, as it helps to establish a better relationship. This can also encourage renters to keep a more watchful eye on their animals, reducing the chances of pet damage. Getting involved with your residents can strengthen your relationship and will remind renters to treat your property with respect. The better relationship you have with them, the happier they’ll be to keep their pets in line and leave your property in the same condition that they found it.

With so few properties allowing pets, opening your doors to residents’ furry friends could improve your renter retention. Residents with pets are more likely to stay in the same rental, as it can be so difficult to find a good property that allows animals. Having a good relationship with these residents could lead to a long one, where the renter is glad to renew year after year.

National Pet Day may only come once a year, but it is a great opportunity to make a good impression with your pet-owning residents. Just as you love your pets they love theirs, and this holiday is a good day to celebrate that fact. Set aside some time to acknowledge this day with your residents, and appreciate your furry friends.

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