CIC Celebrates 28th Anniversary as Nation’s Fastest Growing Tenant Screening Firm

CIC, a nationwide leader in tenant screening for the multifamily housing industry and wholesale data market announced today that February 16, 2014 marked 28 years of industry excellence, delivering innovative solutions to protect its clients’ properties and investments.

Founded by William Bower, originally as a mortgage credit reporting agency, the firm shifted focus to tenant screening when it became incorporated and renamed Contemporary Information Corporation in 1988. Since then, CIC has remained on the leading edge of applicant screening for the multifamily housing industry by delivering the most comprehensive tenant screening and wholesale data solutions.

In the late 1980’s, CIC began leading the industry by delivering tenant screening reports far quicker than competitors, and at a much more competitive price, as well as gathering eviction records nationwide. Today, the use of innovative technology keeps CIC on the leading edge by delivering tenant screening reports to large property management companies, government agencies and independent rental owners. CIC remains committed to delivering the most comprehensive information, while protecting consumer information and following the firm’s four core values: Technology, Service, Data and Integrity.

Headquartered in Lancaster, Calif., CIC has expanded over the years to include a fully secured data center and a backup hot site for all data operations, as well as their Executive Offices and satellite offices across the U.S. In addition to the company’s physical expansion, CIC has developed a number of valuable partnerships with multifamily associations, real estate associations, property management companies and industry screening providers.

Integration capabilities with multifamily specialists such as Yardi, Blue Moon, Tenant Technologies and others, demonstrate CIC’s commitment to providing clients with the best possible property management and tenant screening solutions in a universal way.

Ready2Apply has revolutionized the online rental application process, allowing property management companies the ability to quickly fill vacancies. While other products, such as ApplyConnect and CIC RentProtect, work with individual rental owners and real estate agents to provide a free, quick and reliable solution to meet their unique tenant screening needs.

For nearly three decades, members of the CIC team have emerged as industry contributors and leaders with organizations such as the National Apartment Association (NAA), National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA), National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), among others. Staying active and informed within the industry remains a top priority for the firm.

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About CIC

Founded in 1986, CIC is a leading provider of tenant screening and employment for the multifamily housing industry. CIC offers full service tenant background checks for the rental industry, gives clients secure access to credit reports from all three major bureaus, the nation’s most comprehensive eviction records database, complete nationwide criminal records search, full verification services and other specialized screening products. For more information, please visit
Written By: Laura Mowry

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