Communication Skills Every Property Manager Should Have

Communication is the cornerstone of the property manager-resident relationship, and there is no doubt that it is essential to a successful rapport between the two. How you interact with your residents sets the tone of the relationship, and, while you want to be friendly, it is important to maintain a sense of professionalism. But exactly what tools do you have in your arsenal to achieve a perfect balance between the two?

Sometimes it is alright to send a simple text to a renter. In fact, some people even like to receive text notifications, such as SMS or email messages from CICTotal Manager, rather than a letter in the mail. This is also a good format for sending fast updates about maintenance, or even answering easy questions. However, there is a time and a place to use that type of communication. There are many situations that require a manager to interact in a more professional manner, which would require a legal notice (like performing property maintenance or upgrades and spraying pesticides). Sending a text is best kept to general updates, and following up with your renters in a more casual way. Another good option for general updates is social media. Make sure your residents are aware of your various accounts, and that they can find updates about scheduled maintenance, landscaping, parking, and more. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are easily accessible and a quick and easy way to share information.

Not communicating enough can drive residents away, so you want to make sure that you freely share information with your renters. Don’t be withholding, and make sure the notices you send are clear and concise. If a resident can’t understand what you’re trying to say, then your message is useless and ineffective. Give your renters plenty of time to respond and make sure that they are actually receiving your notices before any actions need to be taken that could potentially harm your relationship.

If the occasion arises where you need to send a document or notice, see if your property management software enables you to save notices as templates. With your premade notice (that adheres to legal regulations) in the system you and your staff can save a great deal of time and hassle in the future. These professional communications relieve the burden of trying to manually write a notice every time, or running the risk of accidentally leaving another resident’s information somewhere in an old template while meeting compliance requirements.

While technologies will advance and the way we interact with others will change, good communication will never stop being an important part of every relationship. Do your best to make property manager-resident communication ongoing and accessible, but also remember that there is a time to focus on more professional interaction. Your renter will appreciate it, and it’ll make your job that much easier.


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