FICO® Score 9 Now Available with CIC™!

We’re proud to announce that we’ve upgraded our Experian credit reports to include FICO® Score 9! FICO® Score 9 is now available for all CIC™ Experian credit report users. With the switch from FICO® Score 8 to 9, you’ll want to be aware that there will be a few changes to how your rental applicant’s credit scores will be calculated.

What’s the difference?

As you know, consumers with high credit scores have an easier time getting approved for loans, mortgages, and rental housing as opposed to consumers with low scores. Knowing how your rental applicant’s credit score is being calculated better equips you and your rental community for discerning how much of a financial risk an applicant is.

While FICO® Score 8’s formula focuses on high credit card usage, isolated late payments, and small-balance collections accounts, FICO® Score 9 takes that previous formula and improves it. The three major formula changes with FICO® Score 9 are:

  1. Medical Collections

Medical bills will no longer impact the consumer’s credit score as heavily as non-medical debt. Medical debt is not something a consumer can voluntarily sign up for, so it is not a good indicator of credit risk.

  1. Paid Collections

The new formula now disregards any collections that have been paid off in full.

  1. Rental Payments

Rental payment history will now be factored into the credit score (depending on if the applicant’s rental payment history has been reported to one or all the bureaus).

Although FICO® Score 8 is currently the most widely used FICO Score formula in the country, we believe that the formula changes in FICO® 9 will more accurately indicate the credit risk a rental applicant poses. All Experian credit users have been automatically upgraded to FICO® Score 9 for free with CIC™.


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